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Known Issues

Ongoing issues with technology which we are aware of and actively working to improve.

Windows updates fail to run

On some CC computers, a message comes up saying an error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer Code 80244022 Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

This is a result of us using a different system for windows update than we used to.  We're working on the problem though it's not immediately urgent.

Mac laptops sometimes do not connect to WiOfTheTiger

When connecting to WOTT, it will manifest as the wifi trying for a minute or so to connect and then failing with a little exclamation mark on the wifi icon.

We’re working with our wireless vendor, Aruba, on tracking down and fixing this problem.  If you experience it, we’d be grateful if you’d let us know the following information about it – the more specifics we get, the better able to troubleshoot we will be:

  • Your name and contact information
  • What type of device you’re using (including software version if possible)
  • Where you experienced the problem (just building name is fine)
  • When you experienced the problem

If it happens to you during the day and you have time, it’d be great if you could stop by the Help Desk.  The next thing we need to do is to contact Aruba while an example of the problem is currently happening on a computer so they can see it and look at what’s going on behind the scenes.

Chromecasts do not work on WiOfTheTiger

We're aware of an issue with Chromecasts not functioning on WiOfTheTiger.  There's a fix, but applying it to our wireless controller will break all the old wireless access points on campus so we can't install the fix yet.  We're looking for an alternate way, but otherwise it will be appx. 1 year until all the old wireless access points are replaced and we can apply this fix to get Chromecasts working.

When connecting to SSLVPN with new Java, you get a message that it's blocked

This occurs with the most recent Java update.  To get around it, you can add SSLVPN to the trusted list in Java.  Control Panel > Java > Security > Exceptions and add ""

Because our SSLVPN is so old an out of support, we're not sure this can be fixed on the backend (we're trying though).

After changing password, can't print to papercut on macs

This is a problem with the keychain access feature on Macs.  To fix it:

  • Open Spotlight (magnifying glass) and search for "keychain"
  • Open the "Keychain Access" program that it finds
  • Find the "papercut" keychain item and delete it

That's it!  With the old saved password deleted, you will be asked for your new password the next time you try to print to papercut, and this time it will work.  Remember for papercut to change the username to your CC username - it will default to the wrong one.

Error when adding or removing people from a Canvas course

  1. When attempting to add a person to a course by entering an email address, it will sometimes give an error.  A workaround is to ask a Canvas administrator to add the person for you.
  2. When attempting to remove a person from a course by going to "People > Remove from Course" you get an error.  A workaround is to use a slightly different method: "People > Click the specific person > more details > conclude enrollment"

Speedgrader times out in Canvas, giving an error

We've seen a few limited reports of this behavior - after entering a long comment into speed grader and then trying to proceed, it will error out and then lose the text of the comment.  Canvas engineers are investigating the cause.

Unable to use remote control in SSLVPN - juniper client crashes

This error is happening on new operating systems (Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks), and occurs because a hardware component is old and out of support.  We're working on getting a new method for VPN up and running as soon as possible.

3/15/2014: A workaround that works consistently is to edit the shortcut to the remote control item (or create a new one) and use the IP address instead of the name.  For example, instead of "IT-termsrv4", you would use ""