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Account Usage Guidelines

Use Policy

Please review the following general guidelines for use of computing services and especially your email and computer account at Colorado College. Please see the full Acceptable Use Policy.


All faculty, staff, and students receive an “All Campus Digest.” This is posted once a day with all announcements contained in a single message. Since everyone on campus receives this digest, it is frequently the only place that important announcements are made. All faculty, staff, and students can post to the digests.

Server Space

Space on the campus file and mail servers is limited. Please manage the amount of data you store on these servers. Details about quotas can be found here.

Please respect others in your postings. Politeness counts. It is also polite, and a Colorado College policy, that no one operate bandwidth-intensive software (such as music-sharing programs) that interferes with others connecting to the network, except as part of course-related academic work.

Remember that electronic behavior is governed by the same policies as other behavior. For example, you may not send chain letters, harassing messages, or “spam” (junk) email, and you may not email or post on the network unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials (i.e., do not copy .mp3 files or licensed programs to Temporary Storage). Acceptable use of web folders (“W: drives”) includes posting only non-commercial materials, respecting copyrights, and refraining from harassment. Please review the CC policies in the Pathfinder as well as the Acceptable Use Policy referenced above.

ITS: Service Limits

ITS: will help members of the CC community connect a personal computer to the CC network, but ITS: does not install, repair, or otherwise take responsibility for the hardware or software of any personal computers. We cannot, for example, install your wireless card for you.

Wireless Restrictions

Colorado College owns the airspace on campus. Students are not allowed to broadcast their own wireless connections using hubs, access points, or any other wireless broadcast or repeater devices.

If you have suggestions for modifying these guidelines, please forward them to the Information Technology Policy Board at:

Thank you for your help keeping CC’s technology infrastructure reliable, strong, and easy to use!

719.389.6449 (during business hours)
After hours emergency phone
For after-hours help with Canvas, call Canvas Support at 855.740.0505
Solutions Center in Tutt Library
first floor on the east side

Mon-Fri: 8 AM - 5 PM