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Managed Print

The Managed Print initiative at Colorado College is an attempt to look at printing / copying / faxing and scanning across the whole college and make changes to the current paradigm in order to be more environmentally sustainable, save money, and improve access to advanced features for most people on campus.  See the sections in the navigation menu on the left for more specific information.

"The Campus Sustainability Council enthusiastically supports the managed print program at Colorado College..." see the full Sustainability Council statement of support here.

Goals of Managed Print

  • Reduce the number of print devices to be more environmentally sustainable and save money
  • Distribute devices strategically according to the needs of people in each building
  • Provide more backup options if the printer nearest to you goes down
  • Ubiquitous access to color printing, color scan to email, and other nice features
  • Remove the headache of chargebacks for copies
  • Create an environment where anyone can use most printers on campus


Here's a "before" and "after" look at one building we have finished - click the pictures for bigger versions.

Before (16 devices)

After (3 devices) 

 Sample building - before  Sample building - after


As this project has progressed through the first few stages and information sessions for buildings, some rumors have surfaced that we'd like to address.

There will only be 1 copier per building - I'll have to go up 2 flights of stairs every time I want to print!

This is not true - most buildings will have at least 2 devices per floor (color and B&W), and sometimes more depending on usage in the area and size of the building.  Walking distance is taken into account, and decisions about what to change are not made until people in the buildings have had a chance to weigh in (attend those meetings)!

It's all about money!

While saving money is a nice bonus, the main ideas which drive the program are actually environmental sustainability, making features like color printing and scanning much more available on campus, and getting rid of chargebacks.

With so few printing devices, it'll be a disaster when one of them goes down!

Because the paradigm changes in the new system, you will have access to many more devices than you currently do.  Almost all of the devices in the new program are available to anyone on campus to use - faculty, staff, and students with no need to worry about charge codes and who is paying for toner and paper.  When the one nearest to you goes down, use another one in the building or even another building.

Quote from a CC staff member who has gone through the transition

"Is it perfect?  No.  BUT by and large the system works smoothly; people have adjusted to walking to the printer.  It’s in many ways a social thing and people have been very generous about bringing printing to other offices.  A hidden benefit has been the availability of other printers on other floors – there is never a time when there is NO WAY to print in the building."