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    719.389.6449 (during business hours)
    After hours emergency phone
    For after-hours help with Canvas, call Canvas Support at 855.740.0505
    Solutions Center in Tutt Library
    first floor on the east side

    Mon-Fri: 8 AM - 5 PM

    Public labs

    All public teaching computer labs are reservable by Colorado College staff and faculty. 

    To reserve a lab, sign in to Single Sign In, then come back to this page to access the lab links. You can reserve the GIS Lab or services through the GIS Lab page.
    To more easily reserve the labs:

    1. Sign in to Single Sign In
    2. Click the CC Events Management link to authenticate with that tool
    3. Then come back here to either 

    These links enable you to reserve a lab less than 10 days in advance.

    Barnes labBarnes lab

    • Barnes 203
    • 26 Windows computers, smartboard, projector, scanner, copier
    • Hours

    Tech SandboxTech Sandbox

    • Tutt Library across from the Solutions Center
    • 2 Macs, 3 Windows computers, 1 large-format scanner
    • 1 video digitizing stations
    • 1 CD/DVD multi-duplicator
    • 1 High-speed duplexing color scanner
    • 2 3D printers
    • Hours

    Armstrong KECK Lab 308KECKnew

    • Armstrong 308
    • 26 iMac computers, projector, smart board, scanner
    • Audio Recording Booth
    • Hours

    Library  Library Basement

    • First floor east entry
    • Second floor main atrium
    • Instruction Rooms
    • Tech Sandbox (formerly the CAT Lab)
    • Hours

    Palmer 02 lab Palmer 02

    • Palmer 02 (sub basement)
    • 26 Windows computers, scanner, projector, printer
    • Hours

    Satellite labs

    To provide easier access to specialized software packages, we have several satellite labs on campus, which consist primarily of "thin clients." These thin machines use less power and last longer, so are more sustainable. From them, you can 

    • Quickly view web-based content
    • Connect to "terminal server" computers, which allow you to 
      • Print PDFs, documents, presentations and spreadsheets 
      • Use specialized software programs

    Gates Commons Room lab

    • Palmer 3rd floor, at the top of the main stairs
    • PCs and Macs
    • Printer/copier

    Worner lab

    • Worner 011 (opposite worner boxes)
    • 5 thin clients, printer

    Loomis lab

    • Loomis lobby, west side
    • 2 iMacs, 2 windows desktops, 4 thin clients, printer

    Mathias labMathias Lab

    • Mathias lobby, east side
    • 5 thin clients, printer
    • wide screen HD TV with hookups

    South lab

    • South Hall lobby, near front desk
    • 4 thin clients, printer