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    Tech Tips for Graduating Seniors

    On this page you will find recommended steps to take as a new (or soon to be) alumnus and some information about changes to your CC account.  Please be aware that many services do not offer licensing for alumni so we strongly recommend backing up all of your work.


    One to two months after you graduate, your account will be changed to an alumni account that will include only email, contacts, and calendar functions. Your email will remain active as long as you are actively logging in and using the account. You will need to log into this account at least once every 6 months to keep it active. 

    Please note that checking your CC email on an email app will not make your account appear as active. You need to log in to your CC email on the web to keep the account active. We recommend logging in on the web at least every 3 months to make sure that your account is not deleted.

    Microsoft Office

    You will no longer be eligible for Microsoft's Student Advantage program, which provides the full Microsoft Office suite free of charge to all current students. One to two months after you graduate, your CC student copy of Office will go into "read-only" mode, where you will not be able to edit documents. If you installed the Office Mobile app on your device(s), that will also stop working at this time.

    If you wish to continue using Office, you can purchase a version for your personal use and then change the activation license. Note that there are free Office alternatives available, such as LibreOffice (, if you wish to install one of those instead.

    Return Items

    Note: Due to COVID-19, most students are not allowed on-campus and many offices do not have staff on-site.  Please contact the respective department to find out how to return items that you have checked out.

    If you have borrowed any items from AV, please return the equipment to the AV Checkout window.

    If you have borrowed any items from the Library, please return the items to the Library Circulation desk.

    Save your Work

    Canvas Submissions

    You can download a zip file containing your assignment submissions in past and present courses on Canvas to store on your own computer:

    1. On Canvas, click Account the select Settings.
    2. On right side (below contact methods) click Download Submissions.
    3. Click Create Export.  This will bundle your submissions into a downloadable file.  This process may take a while.
    4. Once processing is complete, you will see a link to download the file containing your submissions.  Click on this link to download and save to your computer.

    Microsoft does not provide alumni licensing for OneDrive, so you will lose access when your account becomes an alumni account. We strongly recommend downloading a copy of your OneDrive files to your computer:

    1. Log into your OneDrive account online at:
    2. Select Files and Folders you would like to save, then click Download.
      • To select all Files and Folders click on the check box to the left of "Name" heading
    3. If you select multiple files and folders, it will download as a zip file containing all files and folders selected. 

    If you have an emergency need for files previously in your OneDrive, we can administratively access them for up to 30 days after you graduate.

    Backup your Computer

    Backup your computer to store a copy of your work in case your device stops working or fails.  At minimum, please backup important files such as your thesis.  You can backup your data to a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage on a personal account (Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon Drive).

    Backup Old Emails

    Outlook has an export tool to backup your emails and contacts into a single file that can be accessed as a later time, even if your email account is deactivated.  Make sure that your CC email is setup on the Outlook app on your computer, then follow these steps:

    Network Drive and VLAB

    Upon graduation, you will lose access to the Academic Virtual Labs (VLAB) and your personal network drive (H: Drive).  Follow these steps to move files from VLAB or your network drive to your own computer:

    1. Before starting, make sure you have VMWare Horizon desktop app setup on your computer (the web HTML version will not work)
    2. Check that VMWare Horizon can access your local computer folder (this is necessary to transfer files to your device):
      • Windows:
        1. Click the Settings (gear) icon.
        2. Select Sharing tab.
        3. Check the box to Share your local files, then click OK.
      • Mac
        1. On top toolbar, select Preferences under "VMWare Horizon Client" menu. 
        2. Select Sharing tab.
        3. Check the box to Allow access to computer folder name, then close Preferences.
    3. Open the Academic Virtual Lab (VLAB) connection.
    4. Once inside VLAB, open Window's File Explorer and on the left side expand This PC
    5. At the bottom of This PC list, you will find your local computer drive. You can copy files into this drive, which will move them to your local computer from VLAB or your CC network drive.

    Note: Files on your VLAB Desktop and Documents folder will be found on your personal network drive - this will show up as the H: drive with your CC username under "This PC".

    Use your Student Discounts

    Here are some popular student discounts that you can take advantage of before you graduate: