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    Course Evaluations - Student

    Students must fill out the all-college course evaluation for classes they take in order to see their grades.  This page will answers frequently asked questions we've received from students. 

    The first step for both faculty and students is to Sign into CC.  

    Frequently Asked Questions - Student

    What do I do if I click submit and get an error message?

    This is fairly rare, but it does happen.  First of all, we'd recommend clicking the "save" button at the bottom before submitting, so that you won't have to retype your responses in the case of an error message.

    Next, you should try using a different browser (internet explorer, safari, firefox, or chrome).

    If that doesn't work, try a different computer (a lab computer, for instance).

    Where will I find the evaluation form for my class?

    In Self-Service Banner, in the “Student” tab, at the bottom of the list of choices, click on “Evaluate your Course” to access all available course evaluations.

    Is the evaluation required for every course?

    You will be required to evaluate all full-block courses.  At this time adjuncts, half-blocks and extended format courses are not included.

    Why does my transcript have “GW” instead of a grade?

    “GW” represents “Grade Withheld”.  Your actual grade will replace the “GW” as soon as you successfully “Submit” your evaluation.

    I have completed my evaluation, but the course doesn’t appear on my transcript.  What can I do now?

    The course won’t appear on your transcript until your faculty member has entered your grade, and the Registrar has posted the grades to the transcripts.  This generally happens around 10 days after the block ends.

    What if I fill out my evaluation and “GW” is still showing on my transcript?

    If “GW” is still showing on your transcript, you have not successfully “Submitted” your evaluation.  If you saved your evaluation, you can go back, complete it and click on the “Submit” button.  If your internet session timed-out, or you lost connectivity in some other way, the system will not have recorded your responses.  It is always a good idea to save your work frequently.  At any time while working on your evaluation, click on the “Save and Finish Later” button.

    Why do I have to complete two evaluations for the same course?

    If you are enrolled in a 2-block course, taught by 2 different instructors, sequentially rather than simultaneously, the instructors may choose to be evaluated separately.  Look carefully at the instructor name at the top of the evaluation form.

    Will my responses be anonymous?

    Your responses are anonymous.  The only information that is tracked in the system is that you have completed it.

    I inadvertently submitted my unfinished evaluation.  Can I get it back to complete it?  Or can I get a new evaluation form for the course?

    No.  Since your responses are anonymous, the only information that is tracked in the system is that you have completed it.  It cannot identify your individual responses and it won’t allow more than one evaluation per student.

    Can I save my evaluation and come back to finish it later?

    Yes.   Click on the button at the bottom of the evaluation form that says “Save and Finish Later”.  You can come back as many times as you need to until you have clicked the “Submit” button.

    Are all course evaluations the same?

    Many of them will be.  There is a standard set of questions that are common to every evaluation, though faculty members or departments may choose to add their own individual questions.

    I can’t see an evaluation form for the class I attended.  How do I get it into my Self-Service Banner menu?

    See the Registrar’s Office to make sure that you are officially on the class list for this course.  You can also check your class schedule to make sure that you are registered in the correct course.

    Special Notes/Tips

    • To finish your evaluation, you must click on the “Submit” button.  Until you do this, your grade will not appear on your transcript.
    • The quantitative question scale (where you check in little circles to rate your level of agreement with the statement) is DISAGREEING on the left, to AGREEING on the right.  In testing, some students seem to have misunderstood the sequence of these options.
    • It is always a good idea to save your work frequently.  At any time while working on your evaluation, click on the “Save and Finish Later” button..
    • Always look carefully at the course information and the instructor name at the top of the evaluation form.  If this is not the course you attended, please see the Registrar to complete your course registration.