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    Schedule a meeting in Outlook

    To schedule a meeting in Outlook.

    • First, open Outlook Web Access. Click on the squares in the top left corner.
    • Second, click on "Calendar."
    • Third, click on "New."
    • Fourth, this is the event creation page. Here you can do several things:
      • Set a Title for the event
      • Set a Location (Outlook will want an address, but you can type in a building or room on campus without a problem)
      • Set a Time (Selecting "private" will make this event invisible for non-invitees)
      • The Reminder is a notification that will appears on everyone's Outlook client some X amount of time before the event. You can change X. You can also add an email reminder underneath that option.
      • Invite People to the event. You can make them a "Required" or "Optional" attendee and then invite them. If they are a "Required" attendee, they will receive a RSVP email. If they are busy, it will appear here.

    Here is an example of a created event. You can see people have accepted the appointment time and now your calendars have that time blocked out as "Busy." If you need to change any details, you will need to click "Send" to save. Everyone will receive a new email with the additional details. Likewise, if you cancel this event, everyone will receive a notification email.

    Your home calendar will now look something like this. If you click on a day, the right hand side will show all the events. If you then click on one of those events, a window will appear with the details. You can then see the title, location, RSVP status, and edit the event.

    If you're scheduling while out of Mountain Time, the time zone will default to your current time zone. Make sure it set it to Mountain Time to coordinate with the rest of campus. 

    When adding people to the event, suggested times will appear in the right hand bar. These are times where everyone is free. Remember--this only means they don't have another Outlook event scheduled for this time. They may still be busy.