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CC Owned Equipment

So that College-owned computers are updated and in good working order, ITS: recommends a 5 year lifecycle for all computers and 5-7 year lifecycles for peripherals like monitors, printers and scanners.

All College-owned IT equipment should be purchased through ITS:. Gerald Mondragon is the primary contact for purchasing (x6919)

How to Buy a Computer (centrally funded)

ITS: will monitor the inventory and proactively get in touch with you when it's time to replace your computer according to our recommended lifecycle.

You're also welcome to contact ITS: to request a new computer ( or 719.389.6449).

How to buy peripherals, software, or other technology items

Other items (such as small printers, monitors, wireless mice, software, etc.) are not centrally funded. Contact ITS: to process the purchases, and have a budget code handy so we can charge the cost to that code.

Inventory Growth and Non-Standard Equipment

The purchase price of every new computer added to the College's inventory represents only approximately 1/4 of the total cost of owning that equipment. In terms of total cost of ownership (TCO), computers themselves are only "the tip of the iceberg," since the biggest costs of technology are wrapped up in network infrastructure and ITS: support, as well as associated costs in software licensing, electricity, training, recycling, etc. Additionally, different brands and types of computers and peripherals use different parts, have different warranties, require different software (drivers, mostly) and interact differently with other ITS: equipment. While those differences are by no means impossible to support, they require a great deal more time from ITS: staff. Just setting up a nonstandard computer can take five times as long as a standard system. Unless ITS: response expectations are relaxed, having more nonstandard systems means ITS: needs more support personnel. The College can save time and money by ordering standard systems whenever possible.

To address these issues, in January 2004, President Celeste endorsed the Sustainable Computing Policy, a plan drafted by the Information Technology Policy Board to sustainably manage and support information technology needs at Colorado College. A central part of that policy addresses computer and peripheral (printers, scanners) purchasing and support. Given that the College's computer inventory has nearly doubled in the last four years and that buying similar ("standard") computers leverages pricing and support, the policy places some controls on inventory growth and buying non-standard computers and peripherals.

Last updated: 12/17/2020