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Connect your PC to a projector

Connect the VGA cable to your computer's monitor port and the identical port in the equipment rack.

If running Windows 7, press the Windows key while simultaneously pressing P.

windows key + P

Select "Duplicate" from the popup menu.

windows P

If running Windows XP, find the Function key (F1, F2, etc.) that has an icon of a monitor, a projector, or says something like CRT/LCD. Press and hold the Fn key (usually lower left of the keyboard) and press the appropriate Function key. This should either bring up a menu, or simply change the display mode- 1) laptop only, 2) projector only 3) both. If you are not in the desired mode, simply press the key combination again to cycle through the options.

If you experience discoloration (tinted green, blue, pink, etc.) make sure your connections are tight.

tinted image

If checking the connections fails to fix the color, reboot the computer. If that doesn't work, call the AV checkout window at x6378 to get a replacement VGA cable.

719.389.6449 (during business hours)
After hours emergency phone

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