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First time logging in

When your CC network account is created, you will be given a single-use temporary password and the system will make you reset it to a long term password after you successfully log in.

The best way to do this is using CC's single sign in portal. You may need to do this from a colleague's computer or your home computer. Once there, select "Email (Office 365)" and log in with your username and temporary password. You will be prompted to reset - make sure the new password is at least 8 characters long, contains 3 different types of characters, and does not contain your name.

After resetting your password, you'll also be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication using Duo.

Reset your CC account password

This password is used to log into computers on the Colorado College domain as well as many other web-based services via our single sign-in service like email, Banner, and Canvas.

The most common way to reset your password will be to use CC's single sign in portal and click the button for one of the services so the login screen comes up, then click "reset your password" below the username and password fields and follow the instructions from there.


You can also log on to any Windows-based PC on campus with your current password, including lab machines (make sure 'coloradocollege' is selected in the "log onto" field). Once you're in, just hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete when logged on and then select the "Change Password" button in the lower left.

Forgot your CC account password

In this case none of the above methods will work, and you will nee to contact the Solutions Center (, 719.389.6449) for us to manually change your password. We will verify your identity and then change the password for you.


This allows you to log into the voicemail system on your phone and listen to your messages, change your greeting, etc. To reset your voicemail password, contact the Solutions Center (, 719.389.6449). We will initiate a request to our VOIP vendor (ConvergeOne) for the password reset, which is usually same day.

Last updated: 01/02/2021