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    Other Resources

    In addition to our own internal set of guides, we want to call out some other helpful learning resources:

    • Canvas guides Canvas has a robust set of guides that are truly helpful - check them out to learn new things or find out how to do something in Canvas.
    • AV equipment instruction manuals are useful for the gear you checked out!
      Audio Recorder - Olympus WS 300  
      Audio Rec 
      Audio Recorder - Zoom H4N
      Audio Rec 
      Document camera - SPD 860
      Doc Cam 
       Video camera - Canon FS 200
      Vid Cam 
       Video camera - Canon HF M30
      HF M30
      Vid Cam 
      Video camera - Canon HF R30
      HF R30
      Vid Cam 
      Sound System - Yamaha EMX 512 SC
      EMX 512S