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Install MS Office for free

All current students, current employees, and emeritus faculty can download the full Microsoft Office suite for FREE as part of our Office 365 program on up to 5 Windows PC, Mac OS, and mobile devices.

You can use Office for free as long as you're currently a CC student or employee, or an emeritus faculty. After graduating or leaving employment, Office will switch into read only mode, and you won't be able to edit any Office documents until you provide a different license activation key (either by purchasing one directly or by getting a license from a different organization).

Taking advantage of free Microsoft Office is easy.  Log into your CC email, and if you see the main Office 365 welcome screen you'll see a small box in the upper right that says "Install Office 2016"

Alternately, if you go straight to your email when you log in, click the sprocket icon in the upper right corner, choose "Office 365 settings," and then "Software."

NOTE: these instructions are for installing Office on a Mac or PC computer.  For your smartphone or tablet, you can find apps in the App Store / Google Play store; just search for "Office Mobile" from Microsoft.

Then, click "software."

Make sure you've selected "Office," and then click "install." (Note that if you'd like to change to the 64-bit version, click the little "advanced" link next to "32-bit," and it will let you change to 64-bit.)

After installing Office and when you run it the first time, you will need to log in with your and your email password.  Note that username is not the same as email address.

Example: Jane Doe has username j_doe, email address, and password Tiger4ever.  She would log in like so:

password: Tiger4ever (this is an example password; use your own password when typing this in).