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    Colorado College has a campus-wide DocuSign account, which enables staff and faculty to complete forms and other paperwork electronically. 

    DocuSign features:

    • Forms can contain numerous field types (text, check boxes, signatures, dates, formulas, etc.);

    • Is a way to send sensitive information securely;

    • Meets national and international electronic signature laws and is binding, just as if someone signed the form in person;

    • Person receiving the form doesn't need to have a DocuSign account to complete or sign the form;

    • Can be used to collect fees and payments.

    Request Access and Assistance

    If you would like a Colorado College DocuSign user account or would like to explore how your department can utilize DocuSign, please contact Angie Bardsley, 719-389-6956.

    Note: Signing up for a free or trail DocuSign account will not integrate with Colorado College's DocuSign account.

    DocuSign Basics

    Use Cases in Higher Education

    Sending a document for signature

    Setting documents up for reuse

    Powerforms for self-service documents

    Sending documents to multiple people and then retrieving them

    Training Resources

    Once you have an account set up you can access the training resources offered by DocuSign.  These include the self-paced courses for end users who send documents through DocuSign, their how-to guides, the community support forum, and DocuSign University for Administrators