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    Colorado College has a contract with DocuSign, a leader in online document sharing and digital signature workflows. DocuSign enables people around the world to securely and electronically sign documents, approvals, and agreements—on any device, in any time zone. Additionally, you can upload and share any documentation that is filled out on a regular basis, rather than repeatedly emailing attachments to people.  Below is some introductory information to get you started, as well as instructions on how to request access to the training documentation and the tool itself.

    Request Access

    If your department is already using DocuSign you can request an account from the DocuSign administrator in your area.  

    If your department would like to begin using the tool, please identify who in your area would be the main contact for DocuSign requests and contact ITS: to have an administrator account set up for that person.

    DocuSign Basics

    Use Cases in Higher Education

    Sending a document for signature

    Setting documents up for reuse

    Powerforms for self-service documents

    Sending documents to multiple people and then retrieving them

    Training Resources

    Once you have an account set up you can access the training resources offered by DocuSign.  These include the self-paced courses for end users who send documents through DocuSign, their how-to guides, the community support forum, and DocuSign University for Administrators

    If you have questions about how your department can leverage the DocuSign tools, please contact the Solutions Center and let us know.

    Need a Reference?

    Several college departments are currently using DocuSign.  

    • The Office of Human Resources DocuSign administrator, Matt Cherry, has worked in their department to gather signatures and background checks through the software.  
    • The Office of Communications DocuSign administrator, Karen To, is also using DocuSign through HR for forms like SPAFs.  
    • The Office of Information Technology has trained several people in various areas of the software to roll out the implementation across campus and be to help maximize its use: Vishvas Paradkar, Katharina Groves, Angie Bardsley, and David White.  

    You can contact anyone in this list if you would like to discuss suggested uses or impressions of the DocuSign workflow.