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    Email on Android

    To set up your Android device to check your CC email (Office 365), download the Outlook app from the Google Play store.  Note that there are different versions of Android out there, so yours may be slightly different than the screenshots.  The relevant settings are the same though.

    • Download the Outlook app from the Google Play store
    • Tap the get started button
    • Tap the Skip link in the bottom-right corner (unless you want to add your gmail account to Outlook)
    • Enter your email address and password.  It will take you to single sign in.
    • Enter your CC user credentials - without
    Outlook setup screen two Outlook setup screen two - tap skip at the bottom right of the window  Screen to enter your email address Single sign in window
    • If you are enrolled in our multi-factor authentication program, you'll be asked to authenticate. After that, you can add another email account to outlook if you wish. Otherwise, tap Skip.
    • You may want to set up a signature and other preferences - Focused inbox, notification preferences, or other features.