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    Email - Configuration

    The quickest way to check your CC email is to use Outlook Web Access (no setup required). You can simply go to the Colorado College homepage and click "Sign Into CC" located at the top of the page.

    Important note regarding the username field for all these setups: username is not necessarily the same as email address.  Examples:
    • student John Doe has email address and username j_doe.  In this field, he would type  
    • employee Jane Doe has email address, and username jdoe.  In this field, she would type
    • alumni Jane Doe has email address, and username jdoe.  In this field, she would type Note: There may be some exceptions.
    Also, remember that it must always be - if you get to a second screen in your setup that strips out the, you need to add it back.

    Exchange setup (POP and IMAP are not supported)

    • Account type: Exchange
    • Server:
    • Domain: leave blank if asked
    • Username:
      • student example:
      • employee example:
    • Password: your CC network account password