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Email Encryption

The Message Encryption feature in Office 365 allows you to secure messages and verify the recipient of the shared content. Emails tagged with "Secure:" in the subject line will automatically be encrypted and will require the recipient(s) to authenticate by signing into an Office 365 account or by entering a one-time passcode. The message will then be decrypted, allowing the recipient to view the sensitive content and send an encrypted response if necessary. The following are example business justifications for sending sensitive information securely:

  • employee and contractor tax forms
  • background check form
  • financial data
  • credit card purchases
  • release of medical records

Here's a quick walkthrough of the process from beginning to end:

  • First, type up your email and add "secure:" to the beginning of the subject line

That's all you have to do as a sender - woohoo! Here's what it looks like to a recipient:

  • First, read the email and click the "Read the message" button
  • Second, choose to use a one-time passcode (or, if you'd prefer, sign in with a google account)
  • Third, the code will arrive in a separate email (note that if you don't get a code, click the link at the bottom to send another code)
  • Fourth, enter the code and click continue
  • Finally, you can read the encrypted message
Last updated: 12/30/2020