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Computer (Mac, PC)

There are three main things you'll need to do before you can connect your computer to the CC Tigernet network and have full internet access:

  • Make sure your Operating System is updated (run windows or apple updates)
  • Install an Antivirus client and make sure it's updated (yes, even for macs)
    • For Macs, we recommend Sophos (free version)
    • For PCs, we recommend Avast (free version)
  • Register your computer.  If you are on campus, just open a web browser and you'll automatically be connected to the registration page.  If you are off campus, use this direct link to register (we highly recommend doing this before arriving on campus).

Connect to the network General walkthrough for connecting your computer to the network.

Fix tigernet2 wireless on macs Fix tigernet2 wireless issues on macs