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Printing - iOS

First, make sure you're connected to Eduroam - this will not work from an off-campus network.

Once connected to Eduroam, open the Safari app and navigate to

Tap "install"

Then "Install Now" and "Done"

Tap the new "Printing" app that just installed on your home screen.

Enter your CC username and password and make sure to check the "remember me" box.  This is the same username and password you use for single sign-in.  Be careful when typing it in, since if there's one character off it will not work.

Ignore the next window (just go back to your home screen) - we don't charge for printing (yay)!

Papercut is now installed on your iOS device!

To print, pick an application and tap the "share" icon (little square with an arrow pointing out) and then "print"

Tap "papercut" choose your number of copies and take note of the double-sided toggle

It will search for a moment

Select "papercut" from the list, and you're good!

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