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See a list of papercut-enabled printers and their locations.

Please note that print jobs can sometimes take several minutes between the time you hit print and the time it shows up on the printer - this is particularly true during the first 3 days of each block when everyone is printing their readings and the print server is trying to handle all of that at once.

If you print a job and it doesn't show up to release, chances are that you just need to wait a few more minutes.

 Mac instructions (10.11 El Capitan and above)

  • First, open the Apple menu and select "System Preferences."
  • Second, select "Printers & Scanners." 
  • Third, click the "+" and select "Add Printer or Scanner."
  • Fourth, click on the "Default" option and choose "papercut" 
    • Change the "Name" field to papercut as well (recommended but not required, name it what you wish)
    • The "Use" dropdown should automatically fill in with "Secure AirPrint." If it doesn't, cancel out of the window and reboot. Then start over at Step 1.
  • The first time you print, it will ask for your username and password.  It will autofill the wrong username (firstlast). Make sure you change this to your cc username (usually f_last, ex. j_doe)

If  jobs don't display on the printer to release, it usually means that they are still spooling on the printer. Wait until you see the print job actually disappear from the printing queue window on your computer.

If these instructions do not work, try the alternate method for installing papercut on macs.

  Windows instructions

  1. In the search box, type "cmd" and hit enter to open a command prompt.
    • In earlier versions of windows, you may need to click the "start menu" first to find the search box.
  2. In the command prompt, type: start\\\papercut 
  3. Hit, "Enter," on your keyboard to process the command.
  4. Wait for the system to add your printer. 
  5. When asked for a username and password, use your CC network account username in this format: coloradocollege\username (f_last for students and flast for employees).
    • Example:\j_doe
    • Make sure you check the box that says "Remember credentials."

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