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Papercut enabled printers

A list of Papercut-enabled printers.

1014 N. Weber (State of the Rockies) 1014-COLOR2 Xerox ColorQube 8900
218 Cache La Poudre St. 218-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
3D Art Shop 3D-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
818 N. Tejon St 818-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
Armstrong 1st floor - west ARM1W-BW3 HP Laserjet M525
Armstrong 1st floor - west ARM1W-COLOR1 Xerox 7845
Armstrong 2nd floor - east ARM2E-COLOR

Xerox 7845

Armstrong 2nd floor - west ARM2W-COLOR2 HP Laserjet M575
Armstrong 3rd Floor by Keck Lab ARM3W-BW Xerox 5845
Armstrong Basement AV ARMB-BW1 HP Laserjet M525
Armstrong Basement Room 47 ARMB-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
Barnes 2nd Floor Room 230 (physics)  BAR2E-BW Xerox 5745
Barnes 3rd Floor West (Anthro) BAR3W-BW

Xerox 5745

Barnes 4th floor near room 411 BAR4-BW HP Laserjet M525
Barnes outside computer lab BarnesLab (BW) Xerox 5745
Bemis west hallway BEM1W-BW HP Laserjet M525
Bemis Hall (Res Life) BEM1-COLOR Xerox 7855
Collaborative For Community Engage. CCE1-COLOR HP LaserJet M577
Cornerstone 1st Floor COR1-BW2 HP LaserJet M527
Cornerstone 2nd Floor COR2-BW HP Laserjet M525
Cornerstone 3rd Floor COR3-COLOR HP Laserjet M577
Cossitt Hall basement COSB-BW HP Laserjet M525
Cutler 1st floor CUT1-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
Cutler 1st floor CUT1-BW HP Laserket M525
Cutler 2nd floor CUT2-BW HP Laserjet M525
Cutler Basement CUTB-BW1 Xerox 5845
East Campus Housing EAST-BW Lexmark MX812
El Pomar 3rd floor - Athletics Market. ELP3E-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
El Pomar basement - Training room ELPB-BW HP Laserjet M525
Gill House GIL1-BW HP Laserjet M525
Hulbert Center HUL1-BW HP Laserjet M525
ID House IDH1-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
The CC Inn INN-BW HP Laserjet M525
JLK near the Preserve JLK-BW HP Laserjet M525
Lennox House Basement (Debate) LENB-BW HP Laserjet M525
Tutt Library 1st floor LIB1-BW1 Xerox 5745
Tutt Library 1st floor LIB1-BW3 Lexmark MX812
Tutt Library 1st floor LIB1-COLOR1 HP LaserJet M577
Tutt Library 2nd floor LIB2-BW1 Lexmark MX812
Tutt Library 2nd floor LIB2-COLOR1 HP LaserJet M577
Tutt Library 3rd floor LIB3-BW1 Lexmark MX812
Tutt Library 4th floor LIB4-BW1 HP Laserjet M525
Tutt Library - Garden Level LIBB-BW1 Lexmark MX812
Loomis computer lab LoomisLab (BW) HP Laserjet M525
Loomis computer lab LoomisLab2 (BW) Lexmark MX812
Mathias Hall MathiasLab (BW) HP Laserjet M525
Mierow House 1st floor MIE1-BW

Lexmark MX812

Mierow House 2nd floor MIE2-COLOR

HP Laserjet M575

Packard Hall Basement Music Lib ML-BW1

HP Laserjet M525

Packard Hall Basement ML-BW2

HP Laserjet M5035

Morealle House 1st floor MOR1-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
Olin Hall 4th floor (Biology) OLI4-BW Xerox 5790
Olin Hall 4th floor (Biology) OLI4-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
ORC House ORC-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
Packard Hall - 1st floor PAC1-BW1 Xerox 5955
Packard Hall - 1st floor PAC1-COLOR HP M575
Packard Hall - Basement


HP LaserJet M575
Palmer 1st floor East (Sociology) PAL1E-BW HP LaserJet M525
Palmer 1st floor West PAL1W-BW2 Xerox 5755
Palmer 1st floor West PAL1W-BW3 HP Laserjet M525
Palmer 2nd floor West (History) PAL2W-BW Xerox 5745
Palmer Basement East (Poli Sci) PALBE-BW Xerox 5745
Palmer Basement East (Poli Sci) PALBE-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
Palmer Basement (Hallway) PALBS-BW HP Laserjet M525
Palmer Basement West (Geology) PALBW-BW HP Laserjet M525
South Hall lobby SlocumLab (BW) HP Laserjet M525
Spencer 3rd Floor East SPE3E-BW HP Laserjet M525
Tutt Science 1st floor (EV) TUT1-BW Xerox 5845
Tutt Science 2nd floor (Math/CS) TUT2N-BW1 Lexmark MX812
Worner 1st floor south WOR1-BW Lexmark MX812
Worner Desk WOR1-COLOR HP Laserjet M575
Worner 2nd Floor WOR2E-BW1 HP Laserjet M630z
Worner 2nd Floor WOR2E-COLOR HP Laserjet M680z
Worner 2nd Floor - Wellness Center WOR2W-BW1 HP Laserjet M527

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