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Printing - Android

In order to print to Papercut from your Android device, you'll need to set up Google Cloud printing.

We recommend doing these setup steps from the android device itself.

Please note that .txt files do not work with Google cloud print.

Start by logging into your google account and then going to  You'll see the following page - click "add printer":

Once it's added, go ahead and try to print something (the setup will give you a way to print a test message).

You'll get a list of options - choose "PaperCut"

Choose your printing options (don't forget double sided!)

You'll see a note that the print job was added.

Now check your Gmail account - the first time you print, you'll get a verification email.  Click the link you find in the email (this should be a one-time thing).

You'll see the Papercut login window - use your CC network username and password (same one you use for single sign-in).

It may take a few minutes the first time before the job shows up - give it about 5.  

After this, you should be able to print from your Android device as long as it's using the same google account.  You may need to turn it off and back on.

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