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    Educational Solutions

    The Educational Solutions team provides support for digital scholarship, or the application of technology to teaching and research, both in and outside of the classroom. We work with administrative offices, students, and faculty to support the development of projects involving technology. The Educational Solutions team works collaboratively on short and long-term projects that include a technological component. For example,

    • We work with students to produce and edit documentaries and film projects for their senior theses
    • We serve as Primary Investigators on multi-year, faculty research projects
    • We accompany classes to the field to provide support for the use of drones and GIS technology
    • We provide short tutorials on specific software packages for class projects, such as iMovie or Adobe Spark for digital storytelling
    • We work with faculty and administrative staff to build courses in Canvas 

    You can learn much more about the work the Educational Solutions team does with students, faculty, and staff at Colorado College at The Hub. The Hub provides access to just-in-time, on-demand tutorials as well as a showcase of digital projects by CC students and faculty. 

    Below is a list of digital practices and tools that the Educational Solutions team works with frequently. If you're interested in any of these, have a project in mind but aren't sure what tools you might need or how to begin, please contact one of us, and we'll be glad to help get you started with access and guidance as needed. 

    GIS Adobe Premiere Photoshop Final Cut Pro iMovie WordPress Canvas
    LiDAR Photogrammetry Nodegoat 3D Scanning Data Visualization Omeka/Neatline AR
    Public Labs Digital Liberal Arts @ CC Arts & Media Workshops SketchEngine Adobe Spark Storymaps JS Voyant Tools

    Please visit our People page to see who's on the Educational Solutions team.