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About ITS:

As we head into the future and consider how best to support Colorado College's strategic plan, it's clear that we'll need to be more than just Information Technology Services.

ITS:Technology, ITS:Innovation, ITS:Service, ITS:People, ITS:How can we help?

What we want to be known for

  • ITS:Innovation We bring innovative solutions and technology to the academic and administrative work of the College.
  • ITS:People Our work is centered on serving students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and we are the first people they want to contact with questions or ideas about technology.
  • ITS:Service We prioritize excellent service and customer education.
  • ITS:Teamwork We work together as a division and partner with our CC colleagues and the wider community.
  • ITS:Technology We provide a secure, reliable, and up-to-date technical platform on which everyone can work, build, and innovate.

Expectations and values of ITS: staff

  • ITS:Communication We reach out to others, and we share what we've learned.
  • ITS:Creativity We experiment and innovate, often pushing out of our comfort zones.
  • ITS:Fun We celebrate our efforts whether they succeed or fail.
  • ITS:Ownership We take responsibility, get the job done, and make sure the technology works.
  • ITS:Trust We trust and support each other.

How to get from here to there

  • We commit to speak well of our colleagues behind their backs. When we have problems or concerns, we address those directly and in person.
  • We commit to trying new ideas, even - and perhaps especially - if they fail. We prioritize giving ourselves and our colleagues space and time to create and experiment, and we encourage and help people outside our division to innovate as well.
  • We commit to working together, both inside and outside our division. That includes partnering with student workers, vendors, staff, professor or alumni who can back us up, provide unique expertise, or help with projects.
  • We commit to interacting more often, including showing up at division-wide events. We encourage short meetings that focus on discussion, and we make ourselves available to our colleagues and the wider CC community. We get out of our offices regularly.
  • Etc. Please let us know your suggestions, feedback and ideas for adding to this list below.
Last updated: 12/30/2020