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Change Request Form - CR

The change request form is in OSTicket. Since the vast majority of CRs are submitted by ITS: staff, the "Change Request (CR)" help topic is not available in the OSTicket front end.

To submit a CR, log into the OSTicket agent panel, create a new ticket, and select "Change Request (CR)" as the help topic.

Backup option (if you are unable to log into the OSTicket agent panel)

Right click the link below to download the PDF form to your computer, then save the result after you fill it out and send it to

Please note that you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download) to fill out this form - other applications you may use to read PDF files will not work (such as preview on macs or foxit reader). Most PCs will already have adobe reader installed, but most macs will not.

The ITS Change Request form (right click and save to your computer. Fill out the form and save it again, then email it as an attachment to
Last updated: 01/02/2021