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Billing & Finances

The cost for each off-campus summer course consists of two charges that will be billed to your account in early April:

  1. Tuition: Students are charged Summer Session tuition for all summer CC units that are not covered by the Wild Card. The Wild Card is automatically applied to the first summer course in which you enroll (with the exception of independent study courses that are not eligible for the Wild Card). Note that the Wild Card covers one unit of tuition and some off-campus summer courses are 1.5 or 2.0 units.  The 2018 Summer Session tuition rate is $4,600 per one CC unit of credit.
  2. Program fee: This fee covers travel-related expenses of the course such as housing, meals, excursions, entry fees, local transportation, etc.  Most do not cover airfare. It is your responsibility to understand what is included in the program fee and what is not covered. 


  1. Students must officially drop the course online. Communicating intent to drop to the professor is NOT sufficient.
  2. If you drop the course by February 14, 2018, there is no late drop penalty.  Valentine’s Day!
  3. If you drop the course after February 14, 2018 you will incur the following charges on your student account:
    • 61-90 days prior to course start date: 25% of program fee.
    • 31-60 days prior to course start date: 50% of program fee.
    • 22-30 days prior to course start date: 75% of program fee.
    • 0-21 days prior to course start date: 100% of program fee + 30% of tuition charge.

DEPOSIT: There is no deposit required to register for an off-campus summer course.