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Senegal GS236/FR327 or FR201 Studies in West African Cultures OR Intermediate French 1


CRN: 330127/30129/30131

June 17 - July 13

1 CC Units 

Professors: Ibrahima Wade and Nene Diop

Course Description:

FR 201: Intermediate French

A Colorado College departmental course designed to develop advanced proficiency in French/Francophone language and cultures. Language study is therefore carried out within immersive cultural contexts. 1 Units or 4 credit hours. Prerequisite: Elementary French. Meets Colorado College language requirement.    

GS 236/FR 327 : Study in West African Cultures

This culture course will be taught in English. It will investigate and discuss topics and themes conveyed through various pedagogical tools: novels, field trips to selected sites in/outside of Dakar, selected historical and sociological documents, guest lectures by writers/researchers and university professors, films and documentaries, etc.  Lecture and discussion topics will focus on family and community structures, and politics in contemporary West African societies, in Senegal particularly. Special attention will be paid to gender  construct/relations and to the evolving contributions of women in traditional and contemporary West African societies through their involvement in contemporary social discourse, politics, religion, the arts, etc.



Course Limit: 16