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Health and Safety

As part of off-campus study, it is important that students be proactive in preparing for taking care of their health and safety prior, during, and after their journey. Planning for health and safety is just as important as choosing the program best fit for your needs and interests. Students will receive predeparture information from their program, and can obtain additional information about their destination from the Students Abroad website. Please read this information carefully, and take time to learn about political situations, living conditions, medication restrictions and disability accommodations, and any other health and safety issues relevant to your host country.

As you prepare to leave campus, we hope that you will also consider the potential emotional stress of off-campus study. This experience can be a very powerful and positive developmental time that may ultimately lead to increased levels of self-awareness. However, the life changes associated with off-campus study can also be stressful and confusing, and may potentially exacerbate existing physical and emotional conditions. If you have any concerns, it is very important that you meet with the staff at Boettcher Health Center or other health care provider to discuss how off-campus study could affect your situation. Addressing your health issues prior to studying off campus will help you identify those resources that will and will not be available at your program site. 

International SOS (SOS) and University Health Partners (UHP)

All students and faculty leaders on CC blocks abroad (both during the summer and academic year) and CC semesters abroad (with the exception of the CC Latin America Semester where students are covered by the IFSA-Butler insurance) are automatically covered by SOS emergency travel assistance and UHP health insurance. Note that SOS and UHP only provide coverage outside the United States and, therefore, do not provide coverage for any block or semester taught within the United States.  

International SOS provides worldwide assistance and emergency evacuation services for study abroad participants. The services provided by SOS range from telephone advice and doctor referrals to evacuation by private air ambulance. Colorado College students also have access to country-specific information on the SOS website, including recommended vaccinations, safety and security information, and more. The CC membership number for SOS is 11BSGC000027.  Enter that number in the upper right hand corner of the SOS website to access country-specific information.  

UHP provides $500,000 of health insurance abroad with no deductible.  It covers prescription medicine that is prescribed in the foreign country at 100% and does not exclude pre-existing conditions. You can view the policy here.  

NOTE: Students participating in a non-CC approved semester program may be covered through International SOS/UHP, or your approved program provider may provide comparable insurance. Make sure to inquire with the Office of International Programs to see if you are covered by SOS/UHP for your semester program.

Boettcher Health Insurance Abroad

If you are covered under the Boettcher student health insurance plan, you can check here for information on enrollment/waiver and policy coverage information while you are studying off-campus. If you are covered through another health insurance provider (i.e., Cigna, Blue Cross, etc), then you should check with your insurance provider directly to learn more about how your policy does and doesn't cover you while you are studying overseas.