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The Search Committee

Forming a Committee

  • A search committee is broadly representative of the college and its members are able to provide a variety of perspectives on the role and function of the position being filled.
  • Membership, including from MCC and WCC, may include individuals who are peers to the position being filled, in the reporting chain, and/or part of the constituency group, and possess the necessary expertise and knowledge of the position being advertised and its functions.
  • Before accepting committee membership, employees selected are to communicate with their supervisor to discuss the activity, time commitment, and approval to serve. Non-exempt employees approved to serve on a committee, are eligible for overtime should meetings exceed a 40-hour work week.
  • The multi-cultural environment at CC is the responsibility of everyone and may be strengthened by the contribution of a search committee comprised of individuals from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Members are expected to recommend recruitment efforts and strategies that promote our diversity goals.
  • Generally, for maximum effectiveness, search committees have three to five members. It is recommended that no more than five members serve on a committee except in unusual circumstances or for positions having college-wide responsibilities.
  • In addition to the regular members, the Human Resources Director and Legal Counsel serve as ex-officio members and are available to assist the search committee.
  • At the request of the hiring supervisor, committee members with expertise of the position may serve in dual capacities as MCC and WCC representatives.
  • Membership is recommended by the hiring supervisor and is contingent upon approval by the President or Senior Staff member if delegated.

Formal Committee Charge

The hiring supervisor gives the committee its formal charge either when the committee is appointed or at its first meeting. The charge will outline the expectations for the position to be filled and the search committee's role in helping to fill it. The charge typically includes the responsibility of screening resumes, checking references, interviewing candidates, recommending final candidates, and completing the necessary screening documentation. The charge may be verbal or written and may address:

  • Timeframe for completing the search (i.e., target start date, on-campus interview, etc.).
  • Outline special diversity efforts.
  • Policy for handling late or incomplete applications.
  • Institutional policy on diversity or equity issues and goals.
  • Essential attributes for successful performance (i.e., specific knowledge, skills, abilities, or college experience, etc.).
  • Format on presenting finalists and information.
  • Hiring supervisor's involvement in the search process.
  • Secretarial support to the committee.
  • Budget guidelines.
  • Request for additional recruitment sources that target minorities and women, and the profession of the position being filled.

Committee Ground Rules

The following guidelines are recommended to promote a legitimate and fair screening process:

  • Confidentiality: Confidentiality of applicant information and reference checks will be maintained for all CC recruitment activities. In accepting committee membership, each member assumes the responsibility not to disclose any applicant's name or status, or the content of any committee conversation to any non-committee person within or outside of CC.
  • Conduct: Committee members will maintain an attitude of shared responsibility, teamwork and cooperation, and demonstrate professional behavior and respect toward each other and applicants for the position. Committee behavior shall remain open, flexible, and responsive during all meetings.