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Roles and Responsibilities

Individuals and departments involved in the recruitment and search process are defined below:


The President of The Colorado College is the final hiring supervisor and approves all exempt staff positions including the salary range and committee composition. Delegation of these responsibilities to the Senior Staff may occur as needed.

Vice Presidents/Dean (Senior Staff)

The Vice Presidents and Dean of the college conduct preliminary reviews for exempt staff positions and offer recommendations to the President. They may be delegated as the hiring authority by the President for some exempt staff positions.

Hiring Supervisor

The hiring supervisor is the department head (Director, Manager, etc.) directly responsible for administering the recruitment and screening process and recommending a candidate for selection to the Vice President/Dean/President.

Responsibilities of the hiring supervisor include:

  • Verify need for the position and decision to recruit.
  • Adhere to recruitment budget allocation.
  • Draft job announcement.
  • Send job announcement to the Women's and Minority Concerns Committees to request representation.
  • Recommend search committee members and chairperson to the President.
  • In conjunction with HR and search committee, identify recruitment sources (newspapers, journals, websites) with special effort to identify sites that will reach a more diverse audience than might have been customary in the past. Coordinate the posting with HR.
  • Meet with the search committee and HR Director to convey formal charge to the committee.
  • Determine projected timelines for the search process.
  • Decide interviewing options with committee and coordinate on-campus interviews.
  • Document summary of diversity steps taken and recommend a selection decision to appropriate Vice President, Dean or President.
  • Offer employment to the successful candidate.

During the screening process, the hiring supervisor may elect to be involved only at the beginning of the search and/or at the end when the search committee presents its assessment of the finalists' strengths and weaknesses. Some hiring supervisors may prefer to be updated throughout the screening process.

Human Resources Department

Human Resources will provide guidance related to the recruitment and screening process.

Responsibilities of Human Resources include:

  • Attend initial search committee meeting to outline the process.
  • Promote and recommend diversity recruitment goals and strategies. Review activities taken to promote diverse applicant pools.
  • Receives optional EEO information from applicants, confers overall information with search committee chair, compiles statistical reports on applicant pool.
  • As requested, attend subsequent committee meetings to offer guidance and assistance in the recruitment and screening process.
  • Identify and communicate with external recruitment sources.
  • Respond to public inquiries on recruitment and selection process.
  • Oversee recruitment budget allocation.
  • As requested, conduct initial screening on minimum qualifications. Forward applications that meet minimum qualifications to the Search Committee for subsequent review.
  • Confer with the hiring supervisor on salary placement once a final candidate is recommended.
  • Initiates the background check process on the selected candidate.
  • Initiates Appointment Letter

Minority Concerns & Women's Concerns Committees (MCC and WCC)

Representatives appointed to serve on search committees contribute to the overall process by ensuring viable recruitment sources are identified that target minorities and women, that qualified minority and women candidates receive fair consideration, and candidates are evaluated based on their contribution to a respectful, safe, and positive campus environment for all its diverse members.

During the interviews, the WCC and MCC representatives will commonly ask candidates how they would work to develop an atmosphere of mutual respect and fairness for all individuals under their supervision and on the campus as a whole; and about any experiences they might have regarding potential minority and women's issues, and contributions to diversity in past jobs. The candidates who are invited to campus should be informed prior to the interview about the presence of MCC and WCC representatives on the committee.

Responsibilities of the MCC & WCC include:

  • Acknowledgement of the job announcement must come within three working days, with the appointment of MCC and/or WCC representatives as expediently as possible.
  • Identify when a dual role is acceptable; (i.e., a WCC or MCC member may represent the committee as well as the individual job group (faculty and staff).

Committee Chairperson

The committee chairperson may be appointed by the hiring supervisor or President and plays a significant role in the recruitment and screening process. The chair sets the tone and pace of the committee's work progress, speaks for the committee, and is responsible for delivering the committee's final assessment.

Responsibilities of the search committee chairperson include:

  • Convene and chair meetings.
  • Ensure adherence to established recruitment guidelines and committee charge.
  • Adhere to recruitment budget allocation.
  • Appoint search committee secretary.
  • Draft screening criteria as needed (see attached Appendix).
  • Distribute application materials to search committee members.
  • Coordinate and lead committee discussions of applicant qualifications and ranking of candidates.
  • Arrange travel and accommodations for finalist(s).
  • Coordinate administrative and logistical support.
  • Oversee the maintenance of recruitment process documents.
  • Return all applicant files, notes, screening sheets, etc., to HR.
  • Develop summary of search process.
  • Prepare written report on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates to be considered for hire and diversity recruitment activities conducted.
  • Notify the applicants interviewed but not chosen.

Search Committee

A search committee serves in a recommending role to assist the hiring supervisor in the selection process and to ensure a fair and non-discriminatory process.

Responsibilities of the search committee include:

  • Contribute to the preparation of a timetable and adhere to the overall process.
  • Develop screening criteria for evaluation of resumes and interview questions.
  • Participate in the screening of resumes, ranking of candidates and interviews.
  • If delegated to the committee, develop and conduct reference check questions.
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality about search committee proceedings.
  • Refer top candidates to the hiring supervisors as directed.

Search Committee Secretary

Typically, a nonexempt staff person assigned to the chair's or the hiring supervisor's department is asked to serve as search secretary. HR sends a support packet to each search secretary of detailed instructions and mail merge documents.

Responsibilities of the Search Secretary include:

  • Receipt of application materials.
  • Mail acknowledgement of receipt of application materials and EEO cards to each applicant.
  • Track applications through various stages of the search.
  • Mail additional response letters to applicants as needed.
  • Arrange for travel and meals; create purchase orders and monitor search budget in coordination with HR.
  • Sending non-selection letters to applicants who are eliminated in the screening process.
  • Keep records of search committee meetings.
  • Prepare administrative recruitment data report.
  • Return all search records to HR upon completion of search.