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Staff Compensation Project

April 18, 2013

President Jill Tiefenthaler presented the structure of staff compensation this year (our first year using the new performance appraisal form) at In The Loop (our all-staff meeting) this morning.  Here is her PowerPoint presentation from the event.

November 12, 2012

Update on Compression analysis - Colorado College made a commitment to analyze compression that occurred after the new salary structure was implemented on May 1, 2012. The plan has been to do the review and analysis during fiscal year 2012-13 and make any necessary adjustments to coincide with fiscal year 2013-14 or later.

Human Resources is continuing its analysis to determine the overall cost of addressing compression and will present its findings to the Vice President for Finance & Administration in the spring.  The analysis consists of identifying individuals whose salaries appear to be compressed relative to the minimums of the pay bands and to salaries of other employees in the same pay band. The second part of the analysis includes a determination on the adjustment methodology and amount.   This is a labor intensive project that requires a review of each employee’s date of hire in the current job, performance, and  impact by any salary change. 

May 1, 2012

The new compensation structure was implemented across campus. All staff who had been placed into a band with a minimum higher than their current rate of pay received an increase effective immediately.  

February 2012

The new plan was unveiled at an “In The Loop” staff forum. During the following weeks, HR visited departments making sure all staff were informed about the new compensation structure.  A letter was sent to each staff member, explaining the new pay bands, which were broader than the old grades and included all staff.  Staff were told into which band their position had been placed and the ranges for that band.

September 2009

The Human Resources Director invited a team of staff to come together for the purpose of assisting HR to identify goals for an updated staff compensation program. The college’s current staff classification system implemented in 1993 was nearing the end of its expected relevance.

The newly formed Compensation and Classification Work Group examined trends and projections, CPI/inflation, turnover data, pay-for-performance (merit pay), and discussed the pros and cons of various approaches.  The concept of increases based on the Cost of Basic Goods and Services was introduced during this time.

With input from the Work Group, Human Resources worked with Sibson Consulting to develop a market based compensation structure for exempt and nonexempt staff. 

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