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Supervisor Instructions for Preparing the Annual Staff Evaluations

Instructions to Supervisors – You must have approval from your respective cabinet member before meeting with staff for their performance review. 
  1. Complete all assessment areas. The Supervisor section need only be completed for those staff who directly supervisor other staff and/or student workers.  
  2. You must seek feedback from colleagues that the staff person has listed on his/her self-review. You can do this by phone or via email. You are expected to consider this feedback in your overall assessment of performance.
  3. Determine which description best describes overall performance.  
  4. Save the evaluation form as a PDF document.  
  5. Meet with the staff person to discuss his/her performance and to establish goals for the coming year. Following this meeting and based on the conversation you have with your staff, you may make adjustments to the evaluation.
  6. Review the staff person’s job description. If changes are made, send an updated job description to HR along with what changes were made and rationale for those changes.  
  7. Sign and date the evaluation form and ensure that the staff person receives a copy. Retain a copy for your files. Obtain signatures from your department director and division head. Forward the signed form to Human Resources.   

Overall Performance Descriptions

  • Met expectations and goals in all areas of performance and made significant additional contributions to the college.
  • Met expectations and goals in all areas of performance.
  • Met expectations and goals in most areas of performance.  
  • Job performance is not acceptable. An improvement plan is needed.  
  • Efforts to improve performance have not been successful.