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Process for Reviewing Performance Concerns

Throughout the year, supervisors may have performance concerns that begin to escalate.  It is the practice of Colorado College to provide a review of supervisory recommendations related to a staff member’s employment. In most cases, Human Resources (HR) staff will discuss and review the supervisor’s concerns and recommendations before a performance improvement plan (PIP) is implemented or corrective action taken.  Should an improvement plan or corrective action be necessary, below is the process for coordinating such activities through HR.

Performance Improvement Plans 

A performance improvement plan (PIP) provides an opportunity for a staff member to address specific concerns regarding performance by outlining those concerns and through identification of expected performance/behaviors.  A PIP is initiated by the immediate supervisor with an ensuing conversation between the supervisor and HR to understand the concerns and plan for improvement. In some circumstances, HR may determine that a conversation with the staff member is necessary or may require a joint meeting with the supervisor and staff member. In all cases, the staff member may initiate a conversation with HR to discuss his/her concerns related to the PIP should they seek confidential counsel with HR.

Human Resources reviews the draft PIP and offers feedback and guidance to the supervisor related to the document itself and the conversation between the supervisor and staff member. A final PIP is discussed by the supervisor with the staff member and signed to indicate that discussion. A signed copy of the PIP is put into the staff member’s personnel file.

The supervisor will inform the respective department director/division head and division cabinet member of the PIP before it is finalized.  Human Resources may also discuss the PIP with the next management levels.  

Corrective Action Process

In situations where a staff member’s performance and/or behavior concerns have risen beyond a PIP or are of a higher level of concern to the college, the college may choose to address the concerns through corrective action. Corrective action may include a verbal warning, a written warning, suspension, or termination of employment. At no time, does the college commit to following a level of progressive discipline but looks to the nature and severity of the staff member’s performance and/or behavior concerns to determine the most appropriate level of action.

When corrective action is being considered, HR is consulted to review the concerns presented by the immediate supervisor.  HR may determine that further discussion is needed with the staff member, department director/department head or cabinet member.  In situations where a suspension or termination of employment is recommended, HR will also meet with the staff member to gain insight into his/her perspective. In all cases, the individual staff member may initiate a conversation with HR.

Following HR’s review of the recommendation to suspend or terminate employment, the Sr. Vice President of Finance and Administration may consult with the President to provide a final review and decision regarding the employment action.