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Staff Review Appeal Process

Important Notes:

  • Staff may appeal only if their performance rating is "Did not meet job expectations."
  • Staff employees may submit a written appeal via email, and to their immediate supervisor. The appeal must state specific reasons related to performance why the staff employee believes the performance rating is inaccurate.  
  • The deadline to submit an appeal is May 14, 2021; and employees will receive a final decision on the appeal no later than May 21, 2021.


HR will notify the employee via email that they received the appeal. The Performance Excellence Manager, along with two other employees, will review the appeal.

The appeals group will review the performance review form completed by the supervisor and employee, along with the appeal letter. They may elect to meet with the supervisor and employee if they have questions related to the documentation. The appeals group will make a recommendation to the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration. The decision from the Senior Vice President will be final.

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