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Performance Review Process and Timeline

Introduction to 2020-2021 Performance Review Process

You may wonder why, with all Colorado College has been through in the last year, we are engaging in our annual year-end performance review process?

Employees are one of CC’s most valuable resources. As our employee we want to ensure you have the opportunity for a dedicated conversation with your supervisor to review your performance in a year that brought unforeseen challenges into every aspect of our lives. This conversation is intended to reflect on successes over the past year, challenges that have occurred to perform our work, and affirm the work you will accomplish in 2021-22 aligns with the college’s mission and needs.

For supervisors, effective performance management should create a shared understanding of goals for the upcoming year and what individuals (or teams) need to be successful. Performance evaluations help measure employees’ achievements against goals and expectations and determine performance standards across different types of roles and levels. When done right, evaluations help establish a common language and goals around behaviors or skills. They determine where employees are excelling and where they are struggling as well as where additional resources and training may improve outcomes. 

Finally, during a crisis, it is often necessary to adjust organizational, team, and individual goals and that has likely happened in your department. To still allow us to recognize individual successes, challenges, goal adjustments, etc., and while being responsive to the additional responsibilities many employees have taken on at this time, we have created a condensed performance review form and process.


2020-2021 Annual Staff Evaluation Key Dates



Evaluation forms available on the HR Website

March 5, 2021

Employee and Supervisors complete self/staff evaluation

by March 31, 2021

Optional employee review of their supervisor form due to HR

(submit online Supervisor Feedback Form)

by March 31, 2021

Employees and Supervisors schedule and conduct performance review meeting

by April 30, 2021

Supervisors will communicate performance rating outcomes with their department head

by May 5, 2021

Fully signed and completed evaluation forms due to HR

May 7, 2021

Appeals due to HR and Supervisor

May 14, 2021

Notice of appeal decisions

May 21, 2021

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