Instructions for Preparing the Annual Review

Instructions to Staff 
Please retrieve the 2021-22 the performance review form located on the HR website for your self-review. After you finish your self-review, send the form to your supervisor for their review prior to your performance review meeting. Refer to this document for guidance in documenting your accomplishments.

Instructions to Supervisors
Plan ahead by having notes on your employee’s performance during the review period and desired goals for the upcoming year. Once you receive your employee’s self-review, read their comments and add your comments in all sections to prepare for the performance review meeting. A best practice is to send the completed review to your employee prior to the scheduled meeting so both of you are prepared for a meaningful discussion about the employee’s performance review. 

Some items supervisors and staff may want to review in preparation for the performance review are the job description, last year’s performance review, and any additional goals that were identified during the previous review period. 



  1. Staff member completes the Staff Annual Performance Review form as a self-review. 
  2. Supervisor reflects on the employee performance over the review period and records their own observations while considering goals for the upcoming year.
  3. Supervisor receives employee self-review, adds their comments in all sections and adds (or edits) goals for upcoming year.
  4. Supervisor completes the "Performance Summary" statement that best describes the staff employee's overall performance by checking the appropriate box:
    • Met goals and expectations in ALL areas of performance
    • Met goals and expectations in MOST areas of performance
    • Did NOT meet performance expectations
      • If supervisor rates an employee ‘Did NOT meet performance expectations’, the supervisor is to communicate this information with their Department Head and Laurie Mozingo ( before the supervisor/employee meeting.
  5. Supervisor and employee meet to review the completed Staff Annual Performance Review form and discuss the goals/priorities for the upcoming year along with any developmental needs to successfully perform the goals.
  6. After discussion, supervisor finalizes the document, both parties sign and date the review form.
  7. Supervisor emails the fully executed document to CC Performance and to the employee.
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