Performance Excellence

The performance excellence team was created in 2019 to elevate the professional development programming and support provided to employees at CC. Performance excellence is involved throughout the entire staff employment lifecycle with a focus on connecting staff to the college’s mission, life-long learning, building an inclusive community, and sustaining workplace excellence.

Beginning of Employment Lifecycle

Thrive at CC

Thrive at CC is our comprehensive onboarding program and first year experience for new staff at Colorado College.


To provide staff with the critical information, connections, and experiences that will assist them in achieving success in their career with Colorado College.


To quickly assimilate, engage and retain a highly committed staff that successfully contributes in achieving the college's vision, mission, and strategic initiatives.

Components of Thrive at CC:

CCNEW Orientation: On your first Tuesday of employment, HR will enroll you in CCNEW which is our online orientation program. CCNEW provides critical information that staff need to know upon hire to get to know CC, get connected with campus, become informed of what to expect and key policies, as well as enroll in our robust benefit options.

CC Connect: Organized by HR biannually, CC Connect is an orientation event designed to allow new staff to connect with the College's senior leadership. This is geared toward helping new staff learn about CC's mission, strategic initiatives, and culture. Additionally, new staff will be introduced to many of the College's resources that are available to them along with many people who bring it all together.

CC Ambassador Program: Connects a new employee with an existing employee from another department so the new employee has a "go-to" contact for questions, clarifications, and someone to assist them in connecting to the campus community.

Middle of Employment Lifecycle

Excel at CC – Excel at CC is our in-house professional development program geared towards providing learning opportunities on broad topics for the CC Community.

We also consult with supervisors and employees to identify job and career field specific development opportunities offered outside of Excel at CC through our external training partners such as Employers Council and Academic Impressions.

Performance Management - The goal of the performance management process at CC is to ensure that supervisors and staff understand and communicate openly about performance, expectations, goals, and development. The first formal review an employee experiences at the college is the 90-day review where new employees and supervisors discuss the success and opportunities of the first 3 months of employment and clarify expectations for the remainder of the year. The 90-day review and annual performance evaluation are formal documents saved in each employee’s file.

If your specific needs are not listed, please reach out to us at to see how we can support you.

End of Employment Lifecycle

Upon departure, we connect with employees through exit surveys and interviews to capture what makes CC a wonderful place to work as well as to learn what improvements could be made for CC’s future employees. The data collected from these exit surveys are reported to each department every year so that leaders can identify trends and priorities when thinking about improving the workplace.



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