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What is the purpose of a performance review?

The purpose of the performance excellence process at CC is to ensure that supervisors and staff communicate openly and often about performance expectations and goals. In addition, we encourage any and all opportunities for staff to develop the skills and abilities needed to successfully contribute to the college's mission and vision.

When is the performance review period?

The performance review period is from March 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020. When providing feedback, only consider performance between these dates for the 2019-20 performance review.

What should employees and supervisors discuss during their meeting?

The dialogue should represent a culmination of the ongoing conversations throughout the evaluation period on performance, projects, goal attainment, and other expectations. This process should also include a thorough review of the job description to ensure it accurately conveys current responsibilities.

Who completes the evaluation if there has been a change in the supervisor during the evaluation period?

Depending on how long the new supervisor has assumed that role, the new supervisor, the next level supervisor, or a combination of both will complete the performance review.

Who is the staff performance review process for?

Reviews are required for all full- and part-time benefits eligible staff hired before September 1, 2019, using the college's Staff Annual Performance Review form. These staff are eligible for merit and extraordinary merit salary increases. Staff hired on or after September 1, 2019, are not eligible for merit but may receive a market or compression salary adjustment. Supervisors are encouraged to provide performance feedback and discuss the 2020-21 priorities and goals to all staff using the review form and in the meeting discussion regardless of hire date.

Update 5/4/2020: As we continually monitor and assess the impact of COVID-19 on our institution, Colorado College has decided to delay decisions regarding regular merit salary increases. An updated timeline of changes will be published as soon as they are finalized. These changes are to help preserve our ability to deliver quality education and services to our campus community in one of the most difficult economic conditions we have ever experienced.

Changes to expect:

  • Merit and extraordinary merit salary increases will be decided this fall.
  • Should the college be able to offer merit increases at that time, an adjusted timeline will be updated and communicated.
  • Bands 1-3 will receive a 1% increase on July 1st; any approved increase for all staff in the fall that may be above 1% will be added to these employees' salaries at that time.
  • Bands 4 and above may receive an increase at a later date.
Can my department use our own form for staff reviews?

The college's Staff Annual Performance Review form is required for official documentation; however, departments may add questions or topics that are applicable to the position and/or department.

Do I have to complete the self-review portion of the form?

Yes, all staff must complete the self-review. This is your opportunity to provide input into your review. Self-reviews are due to the supervisor by March 20, 2020.

How many people may I list who would give input into my performance?

You may list two people. These people must be current CC employees and must be able to give substantive input regarding your performance for the evaluation period.

How do supervisors obtain input from the employees I identified on my performance review form?

Supervisors may call or email those individuals for input. There is not a specific form to use for this process.

Who is a "supervisor" for purposes of filling out the supervisory section of the review form?

Anyone who is responsible for the hiring, directing and delegating of duties, and evaluation of staff is a supervisor.

If I do not meet all of my goals for reasons outside of my control, does this mean I get a lower rating?

Not necessarily. Sometimes priorities change or there are barriers to goal completion beyond your control. It is important for supervisors and staff to talk about this as it occurs so there are no surprises at the annual performance review meeting.

Who obtains the signatures on the review form?

Supervisors are responsible for obtaining signatures from department directors or division heads. Obtain all signatures on the form prior to sending the form to HR. Signers may route and sign the form electronically if desired.

When are reviews due to HR?

Reviews, with all signatures, are due to HR no later than May 1, 2020.

Will I have a chance to appeal my review?

Yes, you may appeal only if your performance rating is "Job performance is not acceptable. An improvement plan is needed."

Last updated: 12/17/2020