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Instructions for Preparing the Annual Review

Instructions to Staff - You will use the review form located on the HR website for your self-review. After you finish your self-review, send the form to your supervisor for their review of your performance.


  1. The staff employee must complete the Staff Annual Performance Review form as a self-review.
  2. The "Supervisor Accomplishments" section is only for those staff employees who directly supervise other employees.
  3. Supervisors must seek feedback from the colleagues that the staff employee has identified in the self-review and consider their feedback in the overall assessment of performance.
  4. Supervisors are to add their comments in every section of the form where noted and select the "Performance Summary" statement that best describes the staff employee's overall performance:
    • Met goals and expectations in ALL areas...,
    • Met goals and expectations in MOST areas..., or
    • Job performance is not acceptable.
  5. Supervisors must meet with the staff employee to review the completed Staff Annual Performance Review form and discuss the priorities/ goals for the upcoming year.
  6. During the meeting, the supervisor and staff employee should review the job description. If major aspects of the job have changed, send an updated job description with "tracked changes" to HR along with the rationale for those changes.
  7. Sign and date the review form electronically or hard copy and route to the remaining reviewers within the division. The staff employee should receive a copy of the evaluation. Once the department director and division head have signed the form, forward the completed form to Human Resources.

Last updated: 12/17/2020