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Staff Instructions for Preparing the Annual Evaluation

Instructions to Staff – You will use the evaluation form located on the HR website for your self review. This is the same form that your supervisor will use for his/her review of your performance.
  1. Complete all assessment areas prior to meeting with your supervisor. Only staff who directly supervise other staff and/or student workers need to complete the Supervisor section.
  2. You may list 1-2 colleagues who can provide substantive and specific job related input on your performance.  These individuals must be current CC employees. For example, this could be the chair of a committee you serve on or another person that you work closely with on a regular basis.  
  3. Your supervisor is responsible to determine the overall assessment of your performance.
  4. Save the evaluation form as a PDF document and forward to your supervisor.  Your supervisor will complete his/her sections on the evaluation.  Supervisors must have approval from respective cabinet members to conduct the performance meetings with staff members.
  5. Your supervisor will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your performance and to establish goals for the coming year.
  6. Review your job description with your supervisor and update as needed.
  7. Ensure that you receive a copy of your review from your supervisor. 

Overall Performance Descriptions

  • Met expectations and goals in all areas of performance and made significant additional contributions to the college.
  • Met expectations and goals in all areas of performance.
  • Met expectations and goals in most areas of performance.  
  • Job performance is not acceptable. An improvement plan is needed.  
  • Efforts to improve performance have not been successful.