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Performance Excellence

The goal of the performance excellence process at CC is to ensure that supervisors and staff communicate openly about performance expectations and goals and that staff have opportunities to develop the skills and abilities needed to contribute successfully to the college’s mission and vision. It is important that conversations about performance occur throughout the year in order to create the greatest opportunity for success. In addition to these conversations, staff reviews take place on an annual basis.  

Performance excellence at CC involves the following steps:

1. Setting Goals and Expectations for Performance

At the beginning of the review period and throughout the year, supervisors and staff define goals and standards for measuring completion of these goals. When setting goals the staff member’s job description, needs of the department, and strategic direction of the college should be taken into consideration. Goals should always be SMART: SPECIFIC - MEASURABLE - ATTAINABLE - RELEVANT - TIME BOUND. Typically, employees have 2-5 goals to work towards at a given time.

2. Reviewing Performance and Goal Accomplishment

Supervisors and staff should have consistent conversations throughout the year dedicated to discuss movement toward established goals. This feedback is critical to identify any barriers that may affect successful performance. Successful supervisors have regularly scheduled monthly or quarterly conversations with their staff to increase engagement and alignment towards achieving departmental goals.

3. Annual Performance Reviews

The review process takes place for full- and part-time staff employees each year in the spring using the approved Staff Performance Review form. This review involves an assessment of goals and outcomes and the staff person's level of success related to specific core competencies. Staff are active participants in the annual review process by completing a self-review and engaging in meaningful conversation with their supervisor about their achievements, challenges, and new goals. 

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