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General Campus Information


A.  Safety and Security

1. Emergency Telephones

2. Campus Safety Services

B. Severe Weather

C. Smoking in the Workplace

D. Personal Property

E. Bicycle Use

F. Children in the Workplace

G. Pets on Campus

H. College Identification Card (Gold Card)

I. Keys

J. Lost and Found

K. Parking



Safety and Security

Colorado College makes every attempt to ensure that the environment is safe for students, faculty, staff, and visitors and places a high priority on the identification and remediation of situations which are potentially unsafe or damaging to the natural environment.

When potential safety concerns are observed, staff must:

  • Immediately report the situation to the appropriate supervisor, and
  • Contact Campus Safety at 719-389-6707 OR
  • Call 911

When potential environmental protection problems exist, staff must:

Emergency Telephones

Emergency telephones are located at strategic points around the campus. These telephones are for use in the event of an emergency. Campus Safety will respond immediately to the location of the call. Please see the Campus map for the locations of these telephones.

Campus Safety Services

Staff are encouraged to call 719-389-6340 for an escort if they arrive or leave the campus during the dark or work on weekends or holidays.

The Campus Safety Department has professional safety officers who are dedicated to providing a safe environment 24/7. Safety officers patrol the campus on bike, foot, and by cart. Campus Safety has formed a cooperative relationship with the Colorado Springs Police Department, which assists in patrolling the campus to keep our community safe.

The security of faculty, staff, and students, along with college and personal property is a responsibility of all persons at Colorado College. All members of the college community should immediately report any unusual or questionable persons or situations. All offices, storage areas and academic buildings should be locked when appropriate and personal belongings should be secured out of sight.

Severe Weather

In the event of unusually severe weather, you should listen to KRCC (91.5 FM), KRDO (1240 AM), or watch one of the local TV channels for notification that the campus is closed. The decision to close the campus will normally be made by no later than 7:00 a.m. If the college is closed, only emergency personnel will be expected to report to work. Emergency personnel are those who work in Facilities Services, Campus Safety, Residence Halls, the telephone switchboard, and Food Services. All non-emergency personnel are not required to report to work when the campus is closed.

In the event of deteriorating weather conditions during the workday, the decision to release staff early will be made by the President’s Office. In such event, supervisors are authorized to release their staff with pay until the college re-opens.

Staff who choose not to report to work due to weather conditions even though the college is open must use a vacation day, personal day, or leave without pay.

Smoking in the Workplace

Smoking is not allowed in any college-owned, -leased, or –operated buildings, building entrances, or in college owned vehicles.

Personal Property

The college assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of a staff member's personal property.

Bicycle Use

Bicycles are not permitted inside buildings, with the exception that staff may bring their bicycles into their offices for safekeeping.

Bicycles blocking entryways, doors, stairwell banisters, or ramps will be picked up and held by Campus Safety or residence hall staff. Hindering traffic flow in and out of buildings violates both the City fire code and College policy. Owners of bicycles that have been impounded will be fined. Parked bicycles should be kept locked at all times.

Children in the Workplace

Under most circumstances, bringing children to your office or workspace during regular business hours is not appropriate. When a situation exists where you feel it is necessary to bring your child to work, please obtain prior approval from your supervisor.

Pets on Campus

Pets are not allowed in college buildings at any time with the exception that staff may take a pet into their offices during non-business hours. Pets should not be left unattended in offices or tethered on campus. Any pet that becomes a nuisance will be permanently barred from the building and/or the campus.

Pet owners should be aware that they must assume responsibility for the animal’s behavior at all times. The college, with the cooperation of the Colorado Springs Humane Society, will regularly identify problem pets and pick up unleashed or menacing pets and impound them.

These restrictions do not apply to service animals for individuals with disabilities.

College Identification Card (Gold Card)

All regular full-time, part-time, on-call and occasional staff will be issued a Colorado College identification card that allows staff and dependents access to Tutt Library, the college fitness center, and tickets for campus events. Please contact the staff at the Worner Center desk for additional information.


Campus keys are issued at Facilities Services and may never be duplicated, except by Facilities Services. You will be charged for lost keys and you may not pay the charge from departmental funds. Broken keys will be replaced without charge when returned to Facilities Services. When your employment ends, you must return all keys to Facilities Services.

Lost and Found

Lost or found articles should be reported to Worner Center information desk. Lost or found keys should be reported immediately to Campus Safety Department. The college assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property of any staff member.


Colorado College parking hang tags are required for students, faculty, and staff for all vehicles parked on campus during the academic year. Vehicles must be registered at Campus Safety within one week after arrival and a payment plan selected. Parking areas are designated for authorized vehicles with proper hang tags. Parking and traffic regulation booklets are available at Campus Safety.