Ending Employment

Colorado College strives to ensure that employees who leave the college have all the information necessary to making their exit as smooth as possible.


A. Resignation

B. Retirement

C. Exit Interviews


Colorado College requests that you provide at least 14 calendar days' notice before the effective date of your resignation. Your letter of resignation should be addressed to your supervisor with a copy to Human Resources for your personnel file. The letter should include the last day of work, your reason for leaving, and any changes in your forwarding address.


Staff members who wish to retire from Colorado College must meet specific age and length of service requirements. Please contact Human Resources if you are planning on retiring.

Regular full- and part-time staff are eligible for retirement on the date the staff member attains:

  • Age 55 with at least 10 years of service, or
  • Age 60 with at least 5 years of service.

Exit Interviews

You are responsible for scheduling an appointment with Human Resources prior to your last day of employment to return college property, discuss termination of benefits, arrange for any outstanding debts you may have to the college, and address any questions about your final paycheck. The meeting may also include a review of your employment experience, and discussion of any suggestions you might have for improvements to the college.

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