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Colorado College employees at event


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New Employee Paperwork
Volunteer Paperwork
Talent Acquisition 
Workers Compensation


The full set of benefits forms is available on the separate benefits website.  Here are some of the most commonly used forms:

New Employee Paperwork Documents

Volunteer Paperwork Documents

Talent Acquisition

Staff Personnel/ Position Action Form (SPAFs)

Please select the correct version of the form below based on the type of change you are requesting. SPAFs completed online will be emailed to signers for electronic approval.  Each approver will receive a copy by email when the form has been signed by all parties.

  • Require Budget Office and Finance Office Approval
    • Filling a vacant position (through resignation, retirement, etc.)
    • Promotions and other changes in salary or annual hours
    • Requesting a brand new position
  • Do not require Budget Office and Finance Office Approval
    • Temporary positions (less than 6 months in duration)
    • Occasional positions (less than 20 hours per week)
    • Change in Job Title or Supervisor

Worker's Compensation