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The Excellence Continues... 

EXCEL@CC 2018-2019 

Check out the programs, talk with your supervisor about your professional development goals, and plan to attend. Please note that with the wide variety of programs and sessions offered, there is no expectation that anyone take multiple programs in one year.  Questions regarding EXCEL@CC can be directed to Lisa Brommer x6202 or Jessica Bridge x6421.  

2018-2019 Programs:

Diversity & Inclusion Programs Understanding CC
ITS:FUNdamentals Compassionate Community
Supervisor Development Communication
Wellness State of Mind Sense of Place
Supervision of Student Employees Sustainability
Division/Department-Specific Programs Individual Sessions

Additional Resources:
The following resources offer additional learning opportunities. 
Participation Data:

EXCEL@CC was launched in August of 2014.  Since its inception, 583 employees have participated, 370 participants have earned at least one certification, and a total of 601 certifications have been awarded.

2016-2017 Data:

  • 8 programs
  • 66 sessions
  • 178 training hours
  • 276 participants
  • 145 participants earned at least one certification
  • 178 certificates awarded

2016-2017 Data:

Participation by Program

Participants by Division

Program Completion by Program

Program Completion by Division