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Colorado College employees at event

Supporting Employee Health and Wellness

Colorado College is committed to supporting our employees as the college and community confront the challenges posed by the novel Coronavirus. Consistent with that commitment, we are providing the following resources for employees and their families.

Medical Information

Insurance Information

For employees and dependents covered by CC's health plan - we have worked with Cigna to update our health plan so that it will cover COVID-19 testing as a preventive service, with no copay, if testing is warranted.  Any treatment required for plan members who test positive will be covered under normal plan provisions (deductibles, copays, coinsurance).

See below for additional options if you need medical assistance.


If you are on CC’s health plan and exposed to Coronavirus and/or ill, please remember that telehealth is an option for you to help determine whether or not you need to go in to see your doctor, urgent care, or the emergency room.  This could keep you away from other sick people and lessen the burden on currently taxed medical resources.  You can find information on registering for telehealth if you haven’t already hereTelehealth screening is a $10 copay.

Dispatch Health

You can also try Dispatch Health, a new benefit under our health plan.  Dispatch Health comes to your home (depending on your location) and they can phone screen to see if they can help or if you need to go to your doctor, urgent care, or the emergency room.  Download a flyer about the service and visit their websiteMost copays under Dispatch Health are similar to urgent care copays ($50).

Urgent Care Options

If you are ill and choose to go to urgent care rather than using Telehealth or Dispatch Health, we were just notified that Optum has moved two of their urgent care offices to focus on Flu & Upper Respiratory illness, so that people who have concerns about COVID-19 can be seen more quickly and efficiently.  Please call before going.  These offices are located at

  • 1633 Medical Center Point (719-636-2999) and
  • 600 S. 21st Street (Highway 24 & 21st Street; 719-635-5900)

Directed Self-Isolation

Consistent with this commitment, we are providing the following telework guidance for employees who have been directed to self-isolate. 

Directed self-isolation is based on 1) instructions by the employee's physician, 2) unprotected and direct COVID-19 exposure, or 3) instructions from CC after travel to a CDC Watch Level 1, 2, or 3 country.

  • If a position’s duties can be accomplished from home, the employee should telework during a period of self-isolation.
  • If a position's duties cannot be accomplished from home, and the employee is in one of the three categories described under the Healthy Families and Workforces Act (HFWA), the employee should is eligible for up to two weeks of paid leave.  Contact HR in this instance.
  • If a position’s duties cannot be accomplished from home, and employee is NOT in one of the three categories described under the HFWA, the employee will be allowed to use "other paid leave" for up to 10 business days during their directed isolation.  This option will be available on time cards and leave reports for both non-exempt and exempt employees..

Please contact if you have questions about this practice or need further guidance.

Wellness Resources

Cigna Wellness Resources

As we deal with health issues and/or anxiety around the COVID-19 pandemic, CIGNA is providing self-care tips, FAQs, and a link to more information for plan members.

Employee Assistance Program (Guidance Resources)

If you need/ want to speak with a counselor, remember that employees that employees and dependents are encouraged to use our Employee Assistance Program: (web ID COM589) and phone number 800-272-7255.

Wellness Resource Center

The Wellness Resource Center has put together a page of resources to manage Wellness and Mental Health.

Virtual Fitness Resources

The fitness center is closed while the campus has moved to remote work.  BUT, we want you to keep active and understand that physical activity can help reduce stress and anxiety so the fitness center still has resources available to you.  Check out the Virtual Fitness Resources page on their website.  

Headspace Apps

The Wellness program has purchased 300 Headspace licenses to offer to employees as a small way to help with stress/anxiety experienced with the many and frequent changes occurring in our personal and work lives. Headspace has a library of resources on topics such as meditation, sleep, movement, and tips for managing stress. Click here to claim your copy.

Recovery Groups

Recovery groups at CC are an important and valued part of our campus wellbeing.  They are also part of the standard practice in recovery and provide strong social systems, which can play a vital role in maintaining sobriety.  While regular weekly in person groups have been put on pause at this time at CC–  there are accessible ways to stay connected to  AA, NA, and Al-Anon meetings by phone and/or online.

If you are interested in additional resources and/or in learning more, please contact either Chris Walters in the Wellness Resource Center ( or Kate Holbrook, Chaplain and confidential resource (

Ergonomic Workspaces

With employees now working remotely, please review the following to create ergonomic and effective workspaces: