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COVID-19 FAQs for Employees

Do I have to come to work if I'm concerned about COVID-19 for myself or because I care for a person who may be at higher risk, such as an elderly family member?
We encourage employees to work from home where possible. All employees should communicate openly with their supervisor about their work arrangement if they are concerned about their own, or a family member's, risk for COVID-19. A variety of work arrangements may be appropriate in these cases - to include telecommuting, flexible scheduling, and/or using paid leave policies.

For employees who are in positions conducive to telecommuting, please complete a telecommuting agreement if you plan to work from home.
Note: this form needs to be emailed for approvals, so download the form to your computer first, and then open in Adobe or another installed PDF software.

The nature of my work requires me to come to campus. How can I minimize my risk of getting COVID-19?
Follow the guidance of the CDC and medical professionals for direction on prevention. The primary ways to reduce your risk include social distancing (staying six feet away from others), frequent and thorough hand washing, and avoiding touching your face.

In addition, departments may consider flexible scheduling such that a minimum number of employees are on site and interacting with each other at any given time.

What do I do if I start feeling ill?

Stay home and get well. You will need to log missed work time as "sick" on your time card or leave report in Banner SSB. We have set up this leave benefit to temporarily allow for negative balances in order to continue employee pay through the duration of illness. You will continue to earn sick leave according to your accrual schedule and, upon return to work, your balance will increase as normal.

If you are ill and are awaiting results from your COVID-19 test, and you do not accrue paid sick leave, CC is complying with the Colorado Healthy Families and Workforces Act (HWFA) and will allow up to two weeks of paid leave if you fall within one of three categories outlined within the Act. For more information on this, please visit the time-off policies section on the HR page.

Does CC have any insurance agreements related to COVID-19 testing or treatment?

Yes! We have worked with Cigna to update our health plan. Employees and dependents (covered by the plan) will have COVID-19 testing covered as a preventative service, with no copay.

Any treatment required will be covered under normal plan provisions for deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

What happens if CC stops all non-essential operations?
College administration is monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily. The health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty are a priority and we are continuously assessing the need for academic and service continuity along with ways in which we can reduce the risk of spreading illness. Proper precautions and protections will continue to be communicated as appropriate, depending on your department and role.

At this time, we continue to strive for operational continuity and will communicate ongoing plans as we engage in daily assessment of the situation.

What do I do if a coworker tells me that they came in contact with someone who later tested positive for COVID-19?
Encourage your coworker to contact their medical provider for guidance. If self-isolation is recommended, they should follow the college's direction to stay home and work remotely (if possible). See additional information on self-isolation here.

You and/or your coworker should also inform CC's COVID-19 Emergency Response Team Incident Commander Maggie Santos. You should not ask your coworker health-related questions due to confidentiality and privacy laws.

Is documentation required to return to work after recovering from illness?

If diagnosed with COVID-19, you will have to be cleared medically to return to work. This involves obtaining a release form from your medical provider and submitting it to Assistant Director of Total Rewards Laurie Mozingo,

If not diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or you are returning to work after illness or injury unrelated to COVID-19, refer to the sick leave policy and your department procedures.

As a supervisor, what can I do to support my employees during this time?

We understand the strain and stress put on all employees during this unprecedented time. Our supervisors are also being asked to quickly coordinate and operate in ways that they may not be comfortable, or trained, in managing. To that end, we will continue to provide resources and guidance on ways to supervise remotely, coordinate flexible scheduling, engage in frequent communication with employees, and a variety of other ways of managing work during the outbreak.

Please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources at with any questions you may have and/or support resources that you are seeking.

What can I do to prepare to work from home? Who should I contact if I have issues?

The ITS Solution Center has prepared a webpage that answers frequent questions about working remotely. Additionally, you may contact the Solutions Center at 719-389-6449 if you have any further questions.

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