COVID-19 Updates

Updated 4/19/2023


The COVID-19 public health emergency and national emergency end May 11, 2023. That means some changes are coming: 




COVID reporting 


Continue to report positive COVID cases using the online contact tracing form.

Click here for further resources about COVID-19.

Proof of vaccination 

May 12 

We will no longer require new employees to provide proof of vaccination status or request an exemption.  We strongly encourage employees to receive all the recommended vaccinations including COVID vaccinations and boosters and annual flu shots.   

Cigna COVID Pharmacy coverage 

May 12 

·         COVID-19 vaccines will be 100% covered as preventive care at in-network pharmacies only. 

·         FDA-approved antivirals and therapeutics will be covered with the cost share subject to plan design. 

·         Over-the-counter (OTC) COVID-19 tests will no longer be covered. The IRS does consider these tests as an eligible reimbursable expense under your flexible spending account (FSA) if you participate.   

Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEM) 

June 8 

Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEM) for COVID-19 will no longer be available as of June 8, 2023 and will drop off of timesheets/leave reports the following pay period.  Even though it will be on the timesheet/leave report that includes June 8th, employees should NOT log any PHEM leave past June 7, 2023. 

Special Enrollment Timelines 

July 10 

The following processes will revert to their usual timelines: 



HIPAA special enrollment rights for health plans 

Within 30 days of life event 

COBRA enrollment 

Within 60 days of event, initial payment within 45 days and ongoing payment within 30 days 

Health plan claims 

within 12 months of service date 

Flexible Spending Account reimbursements for the plan year 

must be incurred and requested before September 15

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