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Traditional Hall Housing Process

First Year Students

General Information

All First Year students are housed in our Traditional Halls.  Housing is assigned based on the preference information you submit with your online housing agreement. 

  • You may be offered a space in a Living Learning or Special Interest Community if you’ve applied to one of those areas.
  • You may be assigned to a substance-free, 24-hour quiet, or single sex area if you’ve expressed an interest.
  • Our auto-assign process attempts to match students with an optimal roommate based on your answers to online questions. Those questions are limited in scope, as we believe that it’s important for students to learn to navigate differences, communicate effectively, and confront situations that might be impacting their living environment.

Housing Process for First Year Assignments

  • Once you have received the initial mailing containing your new email, you will start to receive emails from the Office of Housing & Conferences regarding housing information. The initial email will contain instructions for completing the online housing agreement and preference information. The deadline for completing housing information is June 30, and the roommate matching process occurs soon after. You can expect to receive room and roommate information in early August.
  •  Many factors influence the room assignment process and create movement in housing throughout the month of July, including:
    • admitted new students may still choose not to come;
    • returning students may change their housing plans due to transfer or late acceptance to study abroad;
    • returning students may decide to take a leave of absence or apply to live off campus, if eligible.
  • We attempt to balance these factors with our effort to meet as many individual requests as possible.  Therefore, incoming students as well as returning students who did not secure an assignment during the housing selection process will receive their assignments in early August.
  • If you are a Winter Start student, assignments will be based on mid-year housing availability in those halls. You will be notified of your room and roommate assignment just before the College closes for Winter Break. We will include contact information with your assignment and strongly encourage you to connect with your roommate and to get to know him or her.


Is it possible that I will have more than one roommate?

Yes, it is very likely. CC first year housing includes double and triple rooms. Rooms are assigned after all housing applications are received.

What are Triples and why was I put into a Triple?

Given our current room inventory and higher occupancy numbers, triple occupancy rooms are common in large spaces throughout all the Traditional Halls.  Students are placed in triple occupancy rooms randomly. Opportunities to move from a triple is made possible through the Wait-List Process. Contact Room Assignment Manager, Betsy Cane, for more information. 

May I room with a friend or someone I know?

Students are able to specify a particular roommate through the online housing agreement process.  Both students must name each other, as we don’t intentionally place students together unless the request is mutual. Naming a specific roommate does not guarantee that students won’t be placed in a triple room with a third, random roommate.

What happens if my roommate(s) and I don’t get along?

Our staff works with students to help them explore ways in which to resolve roommate conflicts, but there is a wait list process that students can utilize if attempts to solve issues are unsuccessful. 

May I live off-campus?

Colorado College is a residential college with a three-year on-campus living requirement. The college’s residence halls are meant to foster social unity and to enhance the total learning environment and experience for our students. Therefore, all students are required to room and board in college residence halls. Only students with senior status are able to live off-campus. Until granted off-campus status as seniors, all students are required to live in college housing except:

  • Students who are 23 years or older
  • Military veterans
  • Students living at home with their parent/guardian
  • Students who are married
  • Students with dependent children living with them

Returning Students

Room Selection Process

Step One

Attend a room selection information session to ensure you are familiar with the online process.


February 27, 2018 2:00-3:00pm

March 1, 2018 3:00-4:00pm

Location: Loomis Lounge

Step Two

As part of the process of living on-campus, all student must complete the Online Housing Agreement.

Important Dates: 

Housing Agreement available - February 9, 2018

Housing Agreement due - March 9, 2018

Where can I find it? : 

Step Three

Each student will receive a time slot to select online.

Time slots are based on anticipated semesters on campus at the start of the fall, 2018 semester.  Time slots are randomly computer generated within each class, however students who have submitted their online Housing Agreement by the March 9th deadline will be given earlier time slots than the students within their class who have not submitted the agreement by the deadline. 

If you are selecting a room with a roommate, you will use the earliest of the assigned time slots between the two roommates.  All students will receive their time slots via their CC email accounts. You will be able to access the Room Selection link on the housing website until you have completed your online Housing Agreement.

Semesters on Campus  Time Slot Range
Seniors  6  or more Friday, May 4, 2018 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Juniors 4-5 

Monday, May 7, 2018 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Sophomores 2-3

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Thursday, May 10, 2018 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm

You can log in any time after your designated time, but you won’t be able to log in prior to that time.

General Information

Becoming familiar with the process and determining what rooms are available

To select your room, you will to go to, the same website at which you completed your online Housing Agreement.  Use the same user name and password that you used for that process (your CC network login).   At the bottom of the student home page is a link entitled “2018-2019 Current Room Availability.”  Here you can keep track of which rooms have not yet been chosen, and you can also unofficially walk through the room selection process in preparation for the actual event during your assigned time slot.  We urge you to visit this site early to become familiar with the process and ask any questions you might have so that you are prepared when it comes time to actually select your room.  Once room selection begins, you’ll want to monitor the site frequently to see what rooms have been selected so that, when it’s your turn to choose a room, you know which ones are still available.

Choosing your roommate

You may choose your roommate at any time after you have completed the online Housing Agreement.  This is done through the “2018-2019 Roommate Selection” link at the bottom of your student home page at  You must know your chosen roommate’s six digit student I.D. number, as that number is what you will enter here to identify your selected roommate.  Note that your roommate must also select you in order for the two of you to be able choose a room together. Gender Neutral housing is recognized at Colorado College.  Students interested in gender neutral housing should contact Room Assignment and Conferences Manager, Rochelle Taylor to secure and confirm housing assignments that meet your needs (i.e. Access to all-gender restrooms on designated floor/floor section, etc.). 

Selecting your room

When your designated time slot begins, you will go to the “2018-2019 Room Selection” link at the bottom of your student home page at  After clicking on this link, you’ll be given the opportunity to confirm your roommate if you have mutually chosen each other.  You’ll also be able to select a specific building to search room availability.  It’s important that you have a list of preferred rooms handy so that you can move on quickly and easily if the first room you want is no longer available.  Once you choose the building you want and hit “Search,” you’ll see a list of rooms that fit your criteria (i.e., single, double, triple).  When you see the room you want, just click on it, select the room, and you’re done!  Within a short time, you’ll receive an email to your CC email account confirming your room selection.  If you’ve chosen a roommate, they will also receive a confirmation email.  Once you select a room and roommate, your roommate is also assigned to that room and will be unable to choose a different room.  After you select a room, you are bound by that selection and will be unable to change it.


What if I require housing accommodations due to a disability-related reason (e.g., accessible housing, access to a kitchen or single-use bath, visual alarm)?

Please contact the office of Accessibility Resources (719-227-8285; Armstrong Hall, Room #211;  In order to allow sufficient time for the College to evaluate and respond to requests for accommodations and to work with Housing and Conferences timelines, please meet with Accessibility Resources no later than March 14, 2018 to discuss the request.  Accessibility Resources and Housing and Conferences will carefully consider each request for accommodations on a case-by-case basis to ensure that students with disabilities have equitable access to the College’s housing resources. Offers for students approved for ADA accommodations will be emailed on March 28, 2018.

What if I don’t have computer access or won’t be on-campus during my room selection time slot?

If you will not have computer access during the room selection time slot assigned to you or if you will be unable to complete any of the other processes associated with room selection, it is your responsibility to designate another student as a “proxy” to act on your behalf. Proxy authorizations must be completed as part of the online housing registration process or by submitting a completed form to the Housing and Conferences office.  Emailed authorizations are also acceptable.  Proxy information should be turned in prior to March 30th. No one will be allowed to select a room for you unless we have record that the specific individual is serving as your proxy. 

Information your proxy must have in order to select your room:

  • The name(s) and six digit ID number(s) of your preferred roommate(s), if applicable
  • Your building and room choices (you should provide at least three in the order in which you desire that space).
  • The specific room selection time slot to which you’ve been assigned

Your proxy will not be able to log into the room selection website to choose a space for you, instead, they should come to the Housing and Conferences office during your designated time slot. 

I plan to study abroad for the Fall 2018 semester. Should I still complete the housing application?

If you believe you will be studying abroad for the fall 2018 semester, you will still need to complete the housing agreement online in preparation for your return to campus housing in the spring.  It is also important that you complete the online room preference information so that we are aware of your housing preferences as we begin to make room assignments for the spring 2019 semester.  However, you will not go through the room selection process this spring.

I won’t be 18 years old before completing the housing agreement, does a parent/guardian need to complete the application for me?

If you are not 18 before you complete the housing agreement, your parent/guardian will also need to complete a housing agreement for you before you can participate in room selection or be assigned to a room. You can download it from our website or come to our office for a paper version.  You should still submit the online version by the March 9th deadline.

What will happen if I do not participate in the room selection process?

If you do not participate in the room selection process and are not granted off-campus, you will still be assigned a room over the summer by Housing and Conferences unless you are going abroad or taking a leave of absence in the fall. You must still provide a completed Housing Agreement.

My timeslot is incorrect, what should I do?

If you believe you have received an incorrect time slot, please contact our office. If you are aware that you have semesters that have not transferred, you will need to provide proof of those before we can issue a new time slot.  Since time slots are generated randomly, you will not be penalized if your time is adjusted.

Quick Checklist

  • Attended one of the Room Selection Info Sessions
  • Completed the Online Housing Agreement (Due Date: March 9th)
  • Received your room selection timeslot
  • Mutually selected your roommate online (if needed)
  • Practiced selecting a room online
  • Made a list of my preferences of my most desired living situations
  • Know date and time I select my room online
  • Selected my room online for Fall 2018