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Living and Learning Communities


Integrated and intentional communities in Mathias and South Halls that explore a theme through experiential engagement and civic skill development.


All students can apply to live in Living and Learning Communities (LLCs). LLCs at CC are intentional communities centered around a theme or topic of interest. Each has a faculty or staff advisor in addition to an RA - and both work together to facilitate programming and discussion.

The communities tend to meet regularly over dinner to discuss the theme and enjoy the company of others with similar interests. It's a great way to build a closer connection to a faculty or staff member, and to put yourself in an environment with others who enjoy engaging in topics that you're passionate about.

Each of the LLCs is situated in its own wing of Mathias or South Hall, with a dedicated living room and kitchen space for gatherings and community meals.

NOTE: It is important to note that each theme's status is driven by level of interest. If there aren't enough applicants to fill a particular LLC, the resulting experience may be more traditional than theme-driven.


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Enclave Living Learning Community (ELLC) - 2021-22 academic year

The Enclave Living and Learning Community serves as an enclave for interested students who are committed to deepening their understanding of the purpose and development of "cultural enclaves" and "safe spaces" in higher education; and how they function in surrounding communities. Residents of this learning community will learn about and practice healthy self-care, peer support, and community development strategies, while exploring student organizational and multicultural development theories, and working toward the improvement of cultural groups whose mission align with the principles of social justice. Additionally, Enclave LLC residents will engage in intra-cultural projects and community learning that extend beyond perceived and real boundaries internal and external to campus. Through social and intellectual projects with student groups and community organizations, Enclave residents will get to know more about themselves, their affiliations, their campus, and their surrounding community.

For more information about the ENCLAVE Living Learning Community, please contact Mateen Zafer at

Outdoor Education Living Learning Community (OELLC) - 2021-22 academic year

The Outdoor Education Living Learning Community (OELLC) is a community committed to enhancing the knowledge, skills and leadership development of students through outdoor and community service experiences. It's a residential program with a focus on assisting students, through outdoor pursuits, to develop critical thinking skills, create new problem-solving strategies, hone decision-making skills, enhance creativity, and more effectively synthesize and integrate this information into all aspects of their lives. In this way, students both perform more effectively in an academic environment and flourish throughout all phases of their college experience. Students who apply must have an interest in learning about these aspects of Outdoor Education but do not need to have any experience in outdoor pursuits. Additionally, students should be interested in developing skills in leadership and program and trip development.

For additional questions, please contact Program Coordinator David Crye at

PRIDE Living Learning Community (PRIDELLC) - 2021-22 academic year

The PRIDE Living Learning Community is a community committed to enhancing the knowledge, skills around social justice and education around gender and sexual diversity. PRIDE aims to provide a safe-space community that allows for a holistic understanding of how gender and sexuality intersect with our multiple identities and how these intersectionality's shape our experience in the world. Those selected for the PRIDE LLC live in an inclusive community in a renovated wing of South Hall, which includes a shared kitchen, lounge and all gender restroom.

For additional information, please contact Allison Kendrix at

Revitalizing Nations Living Learning Community (RNLLC) - 2021-22 academic year

The Revitalizing Nations LLC is a living and learning community dedicated to the exploration and expression of the traditional and contemporary aspects of Native American and Indigenous intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual life. This LLC is geared towards developing a sense of community for Indigenous students and their allies. Students are welcomed to engage in the programming and recommended opportunities to support a commitment to harmony, fellowship, healing, and knowledge. Though the Smudging and Pipe Ceremonies Policy protects students' rights in any on campus living environment, the Revitalizing Nations LLC particularly supports and creates a welcoming environment for indigenous spiritual practices.

For additional information, please contact Christina Leza, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology at


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