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Apartment Living

The on-campus apartments are designed for upper class (junior and senior) students to enjoy apartment style living as they transition to more independent living. Staff members work with students to encourage them to confront each other with conflicts and to learn about having more responsibility in cleaning and maintaining their own spaces. The apartments house most seniors who choose to live on campus and some members of the junior class.  Please read this guide carefully, as it contains important information that will help you maneuver through the apartment selection process.

Apartment Selection Overview 

Step One - Attend an Apartment Selection Information Session

These sessions will go over the process and allow students an opportunity to ask questions.  It is highly recommended that students attend a session.

Dates: February 8 at 1 p.m., February 13 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m., and February 22 at 4 p.m.

Location: Loomis Lounge

Step Two - Complete the Online Housing Agreement for 2019-2020   

As part of the process of reviewing apartment applications, we will be specifically checking that this requirement has been met.  If it has not been completed for any person in your group, the apartment application will not be accepted until the online agreement has been completed. If any person in the group has a late housing agreement, the entire application will count as late. 

Important Dates: 

Housing Agreement available - February 1, 2019

Housing Agreement due - March 1, 2019

Where can I find it? The link will be posted here when available.

Step Three - Complete the Apartment Application 

The Apartment Applications can be picked up from Housing and Conferences in Bemis Hall 139 or downloaded from the website. 

Due Date: March 15, 2019 at 5:00pm. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Where can I find it? : The Office of Housing and Conferences - Bemis Hall 139 or downloaded here: to be linked

Step Four - Conduct Verification

If 50% or more of the applicants in a group have significant conduct history (College housing restriction or greater sanctions) or have been involved in multiple incidents together, the group application will be ineligible.  If you are uncertain whether or not your group qualifies to apply for an apartment together, we suggest that you email Matt Edwards at or Xavier Karjohn at prior to the deadline.  We will check the conduct history of your group and advise you of your eligibility so that you have time to reconfigure your group if the current configuration is not eligible to apply together.

Important Note: Check your conduct early.  After the deadline, applications cannot be changed.

Step Five - 6-person, Fall-only, and Spring-only Apartment Offers Sent via CC Email

Notification for the 6-person apartment will take place on March 26. There is only one 6-person apartment on campus, so the group with the lowest lottery number will be offered the apartment via email and must accept the offer by 4 p.m. Once the apartment is accepted all other applicant groups will be notified of its unavailability.

Notification for the Fall-only and Spring-only apartments will take place on March 26. The groups with the lowest lottery numbers will be offered the apartments via email and must accept the offer by 4 p.m. Once the apartment is accepted all other applicant groups will be notified of its unavailability. 

Step Six - 1-, 2-, 4-, 5-, and 8-person Apartment Lottery Number/Time Slots Sent via CC Email

Please note that 1-person and 2-person apartment selection is IN PERSON this year. Students are given a lottery number or time slot that is randomly generated based on the configuration of the group (all seniors, mixed seniors and juniors, all juniors) and whether or not all members of the group met the deadline for submitting the housing agreement. 

Date of Issuance: March 27, 2019

Step Seven - Select an Apartment

Below is the schedule for Apartment Selection days.




6-person Apartment

March 26, 2019

The apartment group with the lowest assigned lottery number will receive an email offer for the apartment. The apartment must be accepted by 4 p.m. or it will be offered to the next group.

Fall-only and Spring-only 

March 26, 2019

The apartment groups with the lowest assigned lottery number will receive an email offer for an apartment. The apartment must be accepted by 4 p.m. or it will be offered to the next group.

1-person and 2-person apartments

March 29, 2019 5-8 p.m.

Apartments will be selected in-person at Loomis Lounge

8-person East Campus Apartments

April 2, 2019 5-8 p.m.

Apartments will be selected in-person at Loomis Lounge

5-person Western Ridge Apartments

April 2, 2019  5-8 p.m.

Apartments will be selected in-person at Loomis Lounge

4-person (2 double rooms) Apartments

April 2, 2019 5-8 p.m.

Apartments will be selected in-person at Loomis Lounge

4-person (4 single rooms) 

April 3, 2019 5-8 p.m.

Apartments will be selected in-person at Loomis Lounge


Can I apply to more than one apartment?

Students can apply for more than one group configuration (i.e., an 8-person apartment group as well as a 2-person group), and each group will have a lottery number. However, students can only apply for one type of apartment, which means that they cannot be part of multiple groups of the same configuration. (i.e., a student cannot be a part of two 8-person applications)

If I apply for multiple apartments, can I put one offer on hold to see if I am able to get another offer? (i.e., Can I hold an offer for an 8-person to see if I am offered a 5-person?)

If you applied for different apartment configurations, you will have to accept or decline an offer when your number comes up during the Apartment Selection process rather than keep it on hold. Once you’ve accepted an offer, the other groups you applied with are void, and those individuals are not eligible for an apartment unless they have signed up with another group that is still in the process.

Does the entire group have to be present for Apartment Selection?

All members of your group do not need to be present for Apartment Selection. However, those who are not present are giving their permission for the other member(s) of their group to act on their behalf.  Therefore, any decisions that are made will be binding for the entire group.

How are lottery numbers divided?

  • Groups comprised entirely of seniors will receive the lowest (or best) lottery numbers. Groups in which all students submitted the housing agreement by the March 9th deadline will receive the best lottery numbers in this range.
  • Groups that are mixed (i.e., some seniors and some juniors) will be randomly assigned numbers from the middle lottery group. Again, groups in which all students turned in their housing agreement by the March 1st deadline will receive better lottery numbers in this range.  Groups comprised of more seniors than juniors will not have priority over groups with an equal number of each or those that have more juniors than seniors.  All mixed groups have equal standing.
  • Groups that contain only juniors will receive the highest lottery numbers. Groups in which any individual did not submit the housing agreement on time will receive lottery numbers in the highest end of this range.

I will be away from campus during the apartment selection process; can I still apply for an apartment?

Yes, you may still participate in the selection process by appointing a proxy. Proxy authorizations must be completed as part of the online housing registration process or by submitting a completed form to the Housing and Conferences office.  Emailed authorizations are also acceptable.  No one will be allowed to complete an application for you unless we have record that the specific individual is serving as your proxy.  Please choose your proxy carefully, as you will be entrusting this person with the responsibility of handling the apartment application process and apartment selection for you.

If I will be gone for the spring 2020 semester can I apply to live in an apartment?

Yes, on the apartment applications there is a place to write the names of the students living in the apartment for fall and then for spring. The students in the fall can be replaced by new students in the spring as long as one student maintains residency in the apartment for the entire year.  (i.e., Fall: Student A, Student B / Spring: Student A, Student C)  Because at least one student is required to maintain residency all year, students who will be away from campus for the spring semester cannot apply for a studio.

Are the class standings of the people in the spring considered?

Class standing is only considered for the students who will be occupying the apartment during the fall semester. The class standing of students who are away from campus for first semester and are taking the place of students leaving in the spring is not a factor in the determination of lottery numbers.

Are the apartments gender neutral?

Students are allowed to name any roommate for gender neutral housing purposes, regardless of their gender identity.

During the year, how will roommates be replaced if they leave?

If a student vacates an apartment at any time, the remaining roommates will have the opportunity to name a new roommate (must be a senior or a junior). If they do not, Housing and Conferences will assign someone to the apartment utilizing the wait list process. If students in the apartments do not name new roommates at semester, they may be asked to consolidate to provide open apartments for juniors and seniors returning to campus in the spring. This provides groups of students who are studying abroad in the fall an opportunity to be on a wait list for apartments for the spring.

If I select a fall-only apartment and decide not to leave for the spring semester, will I still be required to move after the fall semester?

At Apartment Selection, if you select a semester only apartment, it will be for fall only. All residents will need to vacate the apartment prior to Winter Break.

Quick Checklist

  • Attended one of the Apartment Selection Info Session
  • Completed the Online Housing Agreement (Due Date: March 1st)
  • Checked with RLC regarding any conduct issues
  • Completed and submitted the desired apartment application(s)
  • Received your Apartment lottery group number/in-person time slot
  • Know when and where the apartment selection is for your configuration
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