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Off Campus Safety

Who to Call During Emergencies When Living Off Campus

When off-campus, the Colorado Springs Police Department is your first and best source of assistance. Call 911 for emergencies or 719-444-7000 for non-emergency assistance, right away!

When to call Campus Safety

Colorado College Campus Safety is an excellent resource for all students. During a situation that is non-life threatening, to report concerns or suspicious behavior feel free to contact Campus Safety for additional guidedance. 

Emergency Number: (719) 389-6911   Non-Emergency Number: (719) 389-6707

The Colorado Springs Crime Prevention Unit offers free home security inspections upon request.  Call 385-2117 to set up an appointment.  Also, involve your landlord to work with you to make your house safer.

  • Make use of door and window locks (deadbolts, window pins, sliding glass door bars & upgrade if needed.  If the locks on the doors or windows do not work, contact your landlord.
  • Use external lighting for better visibility (motion sensor lamps, flood lamps, etc).  Leave your front and back porch lights on after dark.  Lighting is the cheapest and most effective way of deterring criminal activity.
  • Leave a light on inside while you’re away so your house will look occupied and you won’t return to a dark house.  Purchase a timer for your lights.
  • When you leave your house ensure all doors and windows are locked.
  • Don’t hide a spare key outside of your house. 
  • Even when you’re inside your home, ensure your doors and windows are locked.
  • Draw shades and curtains at night to prevent people from peeking in.
  • Install a blocking device or removal pins on your windows so you can open them slightly for ventilation.  This will help prevent anyone from gaining access through a completely open window.
  • If there is a window air conditioning unit, check to see if it can be easily removed.  If it can, ask your landlord to secure it properly.
  • Have your landlord supply screens or storm windows for additional protection.
  • Do not open doors to strangers (identify the person verbally, install peepholes or look out a window before opening the door).
  • Ask repair and maintenance men for identification before allowing them inside.
  • Know your neighbors and neighborhood (cars, kids, delivery persons, business, etc.).  Know what is normal for your neighborhood.
  • Have a neighbor watch your house (pick-up the mail & papers, shovel sidewalks, mow the lawn, etc) when you are out of town.  Do the same for them.
  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed away from doors and windows.  Untrimmed vegetation provides concealment for criminals.
  • Report any maintenance problems involving safety to the landlord.  Keep a list of the repairs, when reported and when repaired.
  • Bring your bicycle inside your house.
  • Use your first initial (instead of first name) on the mail box and/or doorbell.
  • If you have an assigned parking area, ensure there is adequate lighting provided.
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher and keep it easily accessible in a central location.
  • Ensure all your smoke detectors work.  If you have no smoke detectors, have the landlord supply them or contact Campus Safety for a smoke detector if one can not be provided. 
  • Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector if one is not available. Ask the landlord supply one or contact Campus Safety for a smoke detector if one can not be provided. 
  • Have a home escape route planned (In case of an emergency. Know how to get out).
  • For Apartments:is there some kind of control over who enters the building?  Are entrances, parking area, hallways, stairways and laundry room well lit?  Are fire stairs locked from the stairwell side (this permits tenants to escape but other cannot enter)?  Are door hinges on the outside of the door?  If so, ensure there is a pin in the door hinge to prevent the hinge pin from being removed.  Are laundry rooms and storage areas kept locked?  Is there more than one exit in case of fire? 
  • Report all crimes and suspicious people or activity to CSPD.